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Practical Methods for Optimal Control Using Nonlinear Programming
Preface 1. Introduction to nonlinear programming 2. Large, sparse nonlinear programming 3. Optimal control preliminaries 4. The optimal control problem 5. Optimal control examples Appendix A.Expand
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Theory and computation of disturbance invariant sets for discrete-time linear systems
This paper considers the characterization and computation of invariant sets for discrete-time, time-invariant, linear systems with disturbance inputs whose values are confined to a specified compactExpand
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Developments in nonholonomic control problems
Provides a summary of recent developments in control of nonholonomic systems. The published literature has grown enormously during the last six years, and it is now possible to give a tutorialExpand
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Constructive Lyapunov control design for turbocharged diesel engines
We present a control Lyapunov function based nonlinear control design method for diesel engines equipped with a variable geometry turbocharger and an exhaust gas recirculation valve. Expand
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MPC-Based Energy Management of a Power-Split Hybrid Electric Vehicle
A power-split hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) combines the advantages of both series and parallel hybrid vehicle architectures by utilizing a planetary gear set to split and combine the power produced by electric machines and a combustion engine. Expand
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Stochastic MPC With Learning for Driver-Predictive Vehicle Control and its Application to HEV Energy Management
This paper develops an approach for driver-aware vehicle control based on stochastic model predictive control with learning (SMPCL). Expand
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A stochastic model predictive control approach for series hybrid electric vehicle power management
This paper illustrates the use of stochastic model predictive control (SMPC) for power management in vehicles equipped with advanced hybrid powertrains. Expand
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Maximal output admissible sets for discrete-time systems with disturbance inputs
The paper considers discrete-time linear systems with constrained disturbance inputs, w(t)/spl isin/Y/spl sub/R/sup m/, t/spl is in/Z/sup +/, and constrained outputs, y(t) isin /spl infin// when Y is a polyhedron; the set of all such states is the maximal output admissible set, O/sub /spl Infin//. Expand
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Nonlinear tracking control in the presence of state and control constraints: a generalized reference governor
This paper proposes a new approach to reference governor design. Expand
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