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Single-molecule spectroscopy reveals polymer effects of disordered proteins in crowded environments
Significance In the interior of a cell, the volume accessible to each protein molecule is restricted by the presence of the large number of other macromolecules. Such a crowded environment is knownExpand
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Purification and structural characterization of 3-hydroxypropionaldehyde and its derivatives.
The compound 3-hydroxypropionaldehyde (3-HPA), together with HPA hydrate and HPA dimer, in aqueous solution forms a system with interesting chemical properties. Therefore, 3-HPA has attractedExpand
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Single-molecule spectroscopy of protein conformational dynamics in live eukaryotic cells
Single-molecule methods have become widely used for quantifying the conformational heterogeneity and structural dynamics of biomolecules in vitro. Their application in vivo, however, has remainedExpand
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Gas-Phase FRET Efficiency Measurements To Probe the Conformation of Mass-Selected Proteins.
Electrospray ionization and mass spectrometry have revolutionized the chemical analysis of biological molecules, including proteins. However, the correspondence between a protein's native structureExpand
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Development of Standard Test Procedures for Quantifying Carry over from Fixed Pipetting Tips in Liquid-Handling Systems
We developed test procedures for the quantification of sample-to-sample CO for analytes other than nucleic acids in robotic liquid-handling systems. Expand
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Respiratory syncytial virus subunit vaccine based on a recombinant fusion protein expressed transiently in mammalian cells.
Although respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) causes severe lower respiratory tract infection in infants and adults at risk, no RSV vaccine is currently available. In this report, efforts toward theExpand
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The Effects of Stabilizing and Directional Selection on Phenotypic and Genotypic Variation in a Population of RNA Enzymes
AbstractThe distribution of variation in a quantitative trait and its underlying distribution of genotypic diversity can both be shaped by stabilizing and directional selection. Understanding eitherExpand
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Reduction of Carry over in Liquid-Handling Systems with a Decontamination Step Integrated in the Washing Procedure
Robotic liquid-handling systems can be equipped with disposable pipetting tips or fixed reusable pipetting tips. The use of disposable tips is perceived as the best option to avoid carry over (CO) ofExpand
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OP0005 Patterns of 31 new autoantibodies against g protein-coupled receptors and growth factors in systemic sclerosis can be described by latent factors
Background Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is a rare autoimmune multisystemic disease with a significant disease burden and impact on life quality and survival. Disease specific, diagnostic and prognosticExpand