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Planar optrodes: a new tool for fine scale measurements of two-dimensional O2 distribution in benthic communities
A new tool ('planar optrodes') for measuring fine scale 2-dimensional O2 distributions in benthic communities is presented and discussed. The sensor consists of an 02-quenchable fluorophore cast ontoExpand
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Fiber‐optic oxygen microsensors, a new tool in aquatic biology
A new fiber-optic oxygen microsensor (microoptrode) based on dynamic fluorescence quenching has been developed to measure oxygen gradients in marine sediments and microbial mats. The microoptrodesExpand
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A simple and inexpensive high resolution color ratiometric planar optode imaging approach: application to oxygen and pH sensing.
A simple, high resolution colormetric planar optode imaging approach is presented. The approach is simple and inexpensive yet versatile, and can be used to study the two-dimensional distribution andExpand
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We developed a new modular luminescence lifetime imaging system (MOLLI), that enables the imaging of luminescence lifetimes in the range of 1 ms to 1 s. The system can easily be adapted to differentExpand
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Measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence within leaves using a modified PAM Fluorometer with a fiber-optic microprobe
By using a fiber-optic microprobe in combination with a modified PAM Fluorometer, chlorophyll fluorescence yield was measured within leaves with spatial resolution of approximately 20 μm. The newExpand
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Indicators for optical oxygen sensors
Continuous monitoring of oxygen concentration is of great importance in many different areas of research which range from medical applications to food packaging. In the last three decades,Expand
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Integrated optical sensing of dissolved oxygen in microtiter plates: A novel tool for microbial cultivation
Microtiter plates with integrated optical sensing of dissolved oxygen were developed by immobilization of two fluorophores at the bottom of 96‐well polystyrene microtiter plates. The oxygen‐sensitiveExpand
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Adaptation, test and in situ measurements with O2 microopt(r)odes on benthic landers
Oxygen microopt(r)odes have recently been introduced as an alternative to microelectrodes in the field of aquatic biology. We here describe adaptation, test results and first in situ measurementsExpand
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Determination of oxygen gradients in engineered tissue using a fluorescent sensor.
Nutrient and oxygen supply of cells are crucial to tissue engineering in general. If a sufficient supply cannot be maintained, the development of the tissue will slow down or even fail completely.Expand
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An in situ instrument for planar O2 optode measurements at benthic interfaces
A new in situ instrument for two-dimensional mapping of oxygen in coastal sediments is presented. The measuring principle is described, and potential mechanical disturbances, solute and particleExpand
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