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Gauge Theory Correlators from Non-Critical String Theory
Abstract We suggest a means of obtaining certain Green's functions in 3+1-dimensional N =4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory with a large number of colors via non-critical string theory. TheExpand
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Supergravity and a confining gauge theory: Duality cascades and χSB-resolution of naked singularities
We revisit the singular IIB supergravity solution describing M-fractional 3-branes on the conifold [hep-th/0002159]. Its 5-form flux decreases, which we explain by showing that the relevant = 1 SUSYExpand
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A semi-classical limit of the gauge/string correspondence
Abstract A world-sheet sigma model approach is applied to string theories dual to four-dimensional gauge theories, and semi-classical soliton solutions representing highly excited string states areExpand
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Superconformal field theory on threebranes at a Calabi-Yau singularity
Just as parallel threebranes on a smooth manifold are related to string theory on AdS5 × S5, parallel threebranes near a conical singularity are related to string theory on AdS5 × X5, for a suitableExpand
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Ads/CFT correspondence and symmetry breaking
Abstract We study, using the dual AdS description, the vacua of field theories where some of the gauge symmetry is broken by expectation values of scalar fields. In such vacua, operators built out ofExpand
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Gravity Duals of Supersymmetric SU(N) x SU(N+M) Gauge Theories
The world volume theory on N regular and M fractional D3-branes at the conifold singularity is a non-conformal n=1 supersymmetric SU(N+M) x SU(N) gauge theory. In previous work the Type IIBExpand
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AdS dual of the critical O(N) vector model
Abstract We suggest a general relation between theories of infinite number of higher-spin massless gauge fields in AdS d +1 and large N conformal theories in d dimensions containing N -componentExpand
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Towards the F-theorem: $ \mathcal{N} = 2 $ field theories on the three-sphere
For 3-dimensional field theories with $ \mathcal{N} = 2 $ supersymmetry the Euclidean path integrals on the three-sphere can be calculated using the method of localization; they reduce to certainExpand
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Entanglement as a probe of confinement
Abstract We investigate the entanglement entropy in gravity duals of confining large N c gauge theories using the proposal of [S. Ryu, T. Takayanagi, Phys. Rev. Lett. 96 (2006) 181602, hep-th/0603001Expand
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A New Hat For The c=1 Matrix Model
We consider two dimensional supergravity coupled to $\hat c=1$ matter. This system can also be interpreted as noncritical type 0 string theory in a two dimensional target space. After reviewing andExpand
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