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Physico-mechanical properties of chitosan films with carvacrol and grape seed extract
The physico-mechanical properties of 3 films composed by carvacrol, grape seed extract (GSE) and chitosan in different proportions were studied. The films, prepared by solvent casting technique withExpand
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Classification of edible oils using synchronous scanning fluorescence spectroscopy
Total luminescence and synchronous scanning fluorescence spectroscopy techniques were tested as regards their ability to characterize and differentiate edible oils, including soybean, sunflower,Expand
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Simultaneous analysis of riboflavin and aromatic amino acids in beer using fluorescence and multivariate calibration methods.
The study demonstrates an application of the front-face fluorescence spectroscopy combined with multivariate regression methods to the analysis of fluorescent beer components. Partial least-squaresExpand
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Near and mid infrared spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis in studies of oxidation of edible oils.
Infrared spectroscopic techniques and chemometric methods were used to study oxidation of olive, sunflower and rapeseed oils. Accelerated oxidative degradation of oils at 60°C was monitored usingExpand
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Fluorescence Spectroscopy for Characterization and Differentiation of Beers
Total luminescence and synchronous scanning fluorescence spectroscopic techniques were applied for characterization of the intrinsic fluorescence of eight different beers. Spectra were measured usingExpand
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Discrimination of Beer Flavours by Analysis of Volatiles Using the Mass Spectrometer as an Electronic Nose
Entire mass spectra of beer headspace components were used as fingerprints for beer brand classification and differentiation of beer samples stored under various conditions. Chemometric analysis ofExpand
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Characterization of Edible Oils Using Total Luminescence Spectroscopy
Total luminescence spectroscopy was used to characterise and differentiate edible oils and additionally, to control one of the major problems in the oil quality—the effect of thermal andExpand
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Color and luminescence stability of selected dental materials in vitro.
PURPOSE To study luminescence, reflectance, and color stability of dental composites and ceramics. MATERIALS AND METHODS IPS e.max, IPS Classic, Gradia, and Sinfony materials were tested, bothExpand
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Fluorescence spectroscopy in monitoring of extra virgin olive oil during storage
Summary The present study demonstrates the use of fluorescence spectroscopy for monitoring changes in virgin olive oil during storage. Total luminescence and synchronous scanning fluorescenceExpand
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Mathematical modeling of gallic acid release from chitosan films with grape seed extract and carvacrol.
Controlled release of antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds from packaging films is of utmost importance for extending the shelf-life of perishable foods. This study focused on the mathematicalExpand
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