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Determination of beta-adrenergic receptor blocking pharmaceuticals in United States wastewater effluent.
This study indicates that beta-Blockers are present in United States wastewater effluent in the ng/l to microg/l range. Expand
Ephedra in perspective – a current review
A review of the literature on Ephedra with regard to traditional uses, botany, chemistry, analytics, pharmacological effects and health risks, and a brief discussion of the central issues in the current debate on the regulation ofEphedra in the United States. Expand
A new dammarane-type triterpene glycoside from Polyscias fulva.
A new dammarane-type triterpene glycoside, polysciasoside A (1), and three known compounds have been isolated from the leaves of Polyscias fulva. The structure of the new compound was established asExpand
DNA barcoding of medicinal plant material for identification.
The genomic regions and molecular methods selected to provide barcodes, available databases and the potential future of barcoding using next generation sequencing are discussed. Expand
Quantitative HPLC analysis of withanolides in Withania somnifera.
A HPLC method for the determination of withaferin A and withanolide D was developed and was successfully used to investigate the presence of the markers in different W. somnifera plant parts as well as to analyze their content in market products. Expand
Leung's encyclopedia of common natural ingredients : used in food, drugs, and cosmetics
The author explains the science and medicine behind traditional medicine in India, as well as some of the principles behind modern medicine, using examples from China and the West. Expand
Determination of heavy metals and pesticides in ginseng products.
Chromium, mercury, and arsenic were undetectable above their limits of detection in both liquid and solid samples; while cadmium, lead, and nickel were present in the majority of samples; the chlorinated pesticide levels varied widely. Expand
Cassia cinnamon as a source of coumarin in cinnamon-flavored food and food supplements in the United States.
Coumarin and other marker compounds were analyzed in authenticated cinnamon bark samples as well as locally bought cinnamon samples, cinnamon-flavored foods, and cinnamon-based food supplements using a validated UPLC-UV/MS method and indicated that the cinnamon samples and the cinnamon in food supplements and flavored foods were probably Indonesian cassia, C. burmannii. Expand
Determination of steroidal saponins in Tribulus terrestris by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography and evaporative light scattering detection.
This paper describes the first analytical method suitable for the determination of steroidal saponins in Tribulus terrestris by using a reversed-phase column, evaporative light scattering detection, and a water/acetonitrile gradient as the mobile phase. Expand
Banisteriopsis caapi, a unique combination of MAO inhibitory and antioxidative constituents for the activities relevant to neurodegenerative disorders and Parkinson's disease.
Collectively, these results give additional basis to the existing claim of Banisteriopsis caapi stem extract for the treatment of Parkinsonism, including other neurodegenerative disorders. Expand