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Persistence of soil organic matter as an ecosystem property
This work proposes ways to include understanding of why some SOM persists for millennia whereas other SOM decomposes readily in a new generation of experiments and soil carbon models, thereby improving predictions of the SOM response to global warming.
Stabilization of organic matter in temperate soils: mechanisms and their relevance under different soil conditions – a review
Mechanisms for C stabilization in soils have received much interest recently due to their relevance in the global C cycle. Here we review the mechanisms that are currently, but often contradictorily
Deep soil organic matter—a key but poorly understood component of terrestrial C cycle
Despite their low carbon (C) content, most subsoil horizons contribute to more than half of the total soil C stocks, and therefore need to be considered in the global C cycle. Until recently, the
Organo-mineral associations in temperate soils: Integrating biology, mineralogy, and organic matter chemistry
We summarize progress with respect to (1) different approaches to isolate, extract, and quantify organo-mineral compounds from soils, (2) types of mineral surfaces and associated interactions, (3)
Biogeochemistry of paddy soils