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Wood Quality of Acacia Hybrid and Second-Generation Acacia mangium
Two new tree variants, namely Acacia hybrid and second-generation Acacia mangium, have been introduced in plantation forests in Sarawak, Malaysia, and their wood qualities were examined. The meanExpand
The diameter increment of selected tree species in a secondary tropical forest in Sarawak, malaysia
Investigation of the diameter at breast height (DBH) increments of dominant tree species in a secondary forest to understand the succession process in the secondary forests is conducted, important for the selection of the suitable species in the reforestation and a rehabilitation projects. Expand
Dimensional Stability and Dynamic Young’s Modulus of Tropical Light Hardwood Chemically Treated with Methyl Methacrylate in Combination with Hexamethylene Diisocyanate Cross-Linker
Chemical treatment is often used to improve the physical and mechanical properties of wood materials. In this study, wood polymer composites (WPC) were prepared from five types of tropical woodExpand
The effect of alkali pretreatment on mechanical and morphological properties of tropical wood polymer composites
Abstract In this study, mechanical and morphological properties of wood polymer composites (WPCs) from five kinds of selected tropical light hardwoods namely Jelutong ( Dyera costulata ) , Terbulan (Expand
The effect of silicone on some properties of flakeboard
Waxes are used as water repellent in wood composites, and there are only limited alternative water-repellent systems for wood composites. The aim of this study was to investigate the effectiveness ofExpand
The diameter increment of selected tree species in a secondary tropical forest in Sarawak , Malaysia
Karyati, Ipor IB, Jusoh I, Wasli ME. 2017. The diameter increment of selected tree species in a secondary tropical forest in Sarawak, Malaysia. Biodiversitas 18: 304-311. The diameter at breastExpand
Dynamic Young's modulus and glass transition temperature of selected tropical wood species
Abstract Dynamic Young's modulus (E d) of selected tropical wood species, namely Dyera polyphylla, Endospermum diadenum, Cratoxylum arborecens, Alstonia pneumatophora, Macaranga gigantea andExpand
Acoustic Properties of Selected Tropical Wood Species
Acoustic properties such as specific dynamic Young’s modulus (E′/γ), internal friction (Q−1) and acoustic conversion efficiency (ACE) of wood are important properties frequently examined byExpand
Synthesis, characterization and biological studies of organotin(IV) complexes with hydrazone ligand
Abstract Four organotin(IV) complexes with general formula [RSnCln−1(TCB)] [R = Ph2, n = 2 (2); R = Me, n = 3 (3); R = Bu, n = 3 (4); R = Ph, n = 3 (5)] have been synthesized by direct reaction ofExpand