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Formation Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Subject to Communication Delays
The control strategy consists of a feedback H2/H∞ controller in combination with a feedforward controller, which makes it possible to deal with delays and packets dropouts while ensuring a good formation control performance. Expand
Distributed estimation in networked systems under periodic and event-based communication policies
A novel design technique for distributed estimation in networked systems based on local Luenberger-like observers in combination with consensus strategies for large scale systems where centralized estimation schemes are not advisable and energy-aware implementations are of interest. Expand
Adaptive Controller Placement for Wireless Sensor-Actuator Networks with Erasure Channels
This work presents a flexible architecture for networked control using multiple nodes connected in series over analog erasure channels without acknowledgments, and adopts stochastic models for transmission outcomes and characterize the distribution of controller location and the covariance of system states. Expand
Stability of Sequence-Based Control With Random Delays and Dropouts
  • D. Quevedo, I. Jurado
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
  • 6 November 2013
It is shown how the resulting closed loop system can be modeled as a Markov nonlinear jump system and establish sufficient conditions for stochastic stability. Expand
Stock management in hospital pharmacy using chance-constrained model predictive control
The flexibility of model predictive control allows taking into account explicitly the different objectives and constraints involved in the problem while the use of chance constraints provides a trade-off between conservativeness and efficiency. Expand
Stochastic MPC with applications to process control
The proposed approach uses a statistical description of transmissions to optimise the expected future control performance conditioned upon the current system state, previously calculated control packets and transmission acknowledgements. Expand
Distributed agent-based control and estimation over unreliable networks for a class of nonlinear large-scale systems
A new technique for distributed estimation and control of large-scale systems is presented, made use of a set of agents that implement local H ∞ controllers and Luenberger-like observers, improved with consensus-based corrections that incorporate information received from other agents. Expand
Off the Shelf Cloud Robotics for the Smart Home: Empowering a Wireless Robot through Cloud Computing
Two wireless low-cost, off-the-shelf systems, namely, the service robot Rovio and the home automation system Z-wave, are integrated to enhance the capabilities of these systems so that advanced sensing and interaction services based on image processing and voice recognition can be offered. Expand
Networked predictive control of systems with data dropouts
Predictive control is used together with buffered actuators and a state estimator to compensate for eventual packet dropouts and some ideas are proposed to decrease traffic load, limiting packet size and media access frequency. Expand
An application of economic model predictive control to inventory management in hospitals
Experimental results from the application of model predictive control to inventory management in a real hospital show that the adopted approach outperforms the method employed by the hospital and reduces both the average stock levels and the work burden of the pharmacy department. Expand