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Detection of special nuclear material from delayed neutron emission induced by a dual-particle monoenergetic source
Detection of unique signatures of special nuclear materials is critical for their interdiction in a variety of nuclear security and nonproliferation scenarios. We report on the observation of delayedExpand
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Numerical studies of multimodal phase-sensitive parametric amplification
In the presence of a nonzero idler beam or, equivalently, in the collinear degenerate configuration, optical parametric amplification (OPA) can be phase sensitive. When the photon deamplificationExpand
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Development and characterization of a neutron detector based on a lithium glass–polymer composite
Abstract We report on the fabrication and characterization of a neutron scintillation detector based on a Li-glass–polymer composite that utilizes a combination of pulse height and pulse shapeExpand
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Plume dynamics and gas-phase molecular formation in transient laser-produced uranium plasmas
The dynamics of expansion, thermodynamics, and chemical reactions in laser-produced plasmas is of general interest for all laser ablation applications. This study investigates the complex morphologyExpand
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Time-resolved imaging of atoms and molecules in laser-produced uranium plasmas
Gas-phase oxidation of uranium (U), plume chemistry, and the corresponding impact on optical emission features of the U plasma are investigated. Plasmas were produced via nanosecond laser ablation ofExpand
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Spectroscopic fast neutron transmission imaging in a treaty verification setting
Measurements of the geometric configuration of objects and their material composition are needed for nuclear treaty verification purposes. We experimentally demonstrate a simple method based onExpand
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Chirped‐Pulse Amplification
Introduction of chirped-pulse amplification (CPA) enabled the latest revolution in production of high peak powers from lasers through amplification of very short (femtosecond) laser pulses to pulseExpand
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Real-time collision detection for multiple packaging robots using monotonicity of configuration subspaces
In this work we focus on designing algorithms for collision detection between multiple parallel (Delta) robots, which are widely used in the packaging industry. Expand
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Scaling beta-delayed neutron measurements to large detector areas
We explore the performance of a cargo screening system that consists of two large-sized composite scintillation detectors and a high-energy neutron interrogation source by modeling and simulation.Expand
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