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Greenland flow variability from ice-sheet-wide velocity mapping
Using RADARSAT synthetic aperture radar data, we have mapped the flow velocity over much of the Greenland ice sheet for the winters of 2000/01 and 2005/06. These maps provide a detailed view of theExpand
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Fracture Propagation to the Base of the Greenland Ice Sheet During Supraglacial Lake Drainage
Surface meltwater that reaches the base of an ice sheet creates a mechanism for the rapid response of ice flow to climate change. The process whereby such a pathway is created through thick, cold iceExpand
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Large fluctuations in speed on Greenland's Jakobshavn Isbræ glacier
It is important to understand recent changes in the velocity of Greenland glaciers because the mass balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet is partly determined by the flow rates of these outlets.Expand
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Rapid Changes in Ice Discharge from Greenland Outlet Glaciers
Using satellite-derived surface elevation and velocity data, we found major short-term variations in recent ice discharge and mass loss at two of Greenland's largest outlet glaciers. Their combinedExpand
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Seasonal Speedup Along the Western Flank of the Greenland Ice Sheet
It has been widely hypothesized that a warmer climate in Greenland would increase the volume of lubricating surface meltwater reaching the ice-bedrock interface, accelerating ice flow and increasingExpand
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Ice-Sheet and Sea-Level Changes
Future sea-level rise is an important issue related to the continuing buildup of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. The Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, with the potential to raise seaExpand
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Brief Communication: Further summer speedup of Jakobshavn Isbræ
We have extended the record of flow speed on Jakobshavn Isbrae through the summer of 2013. These new data reveal large seasonal speedups, 30 to 50% greater than previous summers. At a point a fewExpand
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21st-Century Evolution of Greenland Outlet Glacier Velocities
Not So Fast Recent observations of some of Greenland's outlet glaciers have shown large and rapid increases in the speeds at which their ice has streamed to the sea. Simple projections of ice lossExpand
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High Geothermal Heat Flow, Basal Melt, and the Origin of Rapid Ice Flow in Central Greenland
Age-depth relations from internal layering reveal a large region of rapid basal melting in Greenland. Melt is localized at the onset of rapid ice flow in the large ice stream that drains north offExpand
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Positive Mass Balance of the Ross Ice Streams, West Antarctica
We have used ice-flow velocity measurements from synthetic aperture radar to reassess the mass balance of the Ross Ice Streams, West Antarctica. We find strong evidence for ice-sheet growth (+26.8Expand
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