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Some Nonverbal Aspects of Depression and Schizophrenia Occurring during the Interview
  • I. Jones, M. Pansa
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Journal of nervous and mental disease
  • 1 July 1979
Using remote control videotape recording of interviews and subsequent analysis of the record, eight measures of nonverbal behavior (principally facial) have been made in 12 schizophrenic and 13Expand
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Over the last four years, visits have been made to several isolated Western Australian missions to examine psychiatric behaviour among full‐blood Aborigines. While many of the usual psychiatricExpand
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Psychiatric disorders among Aborigines of the Australian Western Desert.
tag=1 data=Psychiatric disorders among Aborigines of the Australian Western Desert tag=2 data=Kidson, Malcolm A.%Jones, Ivor H. tag=3 data=Medical Journal of Australia tag=6 data=^d ^mExpand
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  • I. Jones
  • Medicine
  • The Medical journal of Australia
  • 1 March 1972
An analysis of 250 students presenting at a university student health service is described. Over half presented with depression and a further 19% with anxiety, while sexual problems and schizophreniaExpand
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Group project.
CP 1-1 Ethics and professional conduct in business Group Project Vince Hunt, president of Sabre Enterprises, applied for a $200,000 loan from First National Bank. The bank requested financialExpand
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Auto‐multilation in animals and its relevance to self‐injury in man
Self‐mutilation in non‐human mammals is a well‐established, although not a widely known phenomenon, which has been reported under zoo and laboratory conditions. In macaque monkeys, laboratory rearingExpand
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One hundred patients who had been subjected to mastectomy for carcinoma were interviewed retrospectively to gauge their attitudes to any physical and/or emotional disabilities relating to theirExpand
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Absence of brain antibodies in patients with schizophrenia.
In recent years the recognition of autoimmune processes has led to important advances in our understanding of certain diseases of hitherto uncertain causation (Mackay and Burnet, 1962). Burch (1964)Expand
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Psychiatric disorders among aborigines of the Australian western desert. Further data and discussion.
Abstract This paper describes a psychiatric survey of 959 Australian Western Desert and Kimberley aborigines. This group contains some of the most primitive to be found in Australia now. That is, itExpand
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The effect of neuroleptic drug treatment on plasma fibrinogen concentrations in schizophrenic states.
Reports of a protein anomaly in functional psychoses have been steadily accumulating since the subject was reviewed by Fessel (1962a). As a result, concepts of schizophrenia as a metabolic andExpand
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