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Composability and generalized entropy
Abstract We address in this paper how tightly the composability nature of systems, S A+B =Ω S A ,S B , constrains the definition of generalized entropies and investigate explicitly the composabilityExpand
Time evolution of unstable particle decay seen with finite resolution
Time evolution of the decay process of unstable particles is investigated in field theory models. We first formulate how to renormalize the non-decay amplitude beyond perturbation theory and thenExpand
Quasi-static dislocation model around a crack tip with moving dislocations and the analysis of its stress concentration
With regard to fracture under dynamic load, an interaction model in the form of a fracture model of a crack and an inverse pile-up of dynamic dislocation groups at the tip of a dislocation-free zoneExpand
The heavy polonyi field as a solution of the polonyi problem
Abstract We study properties of the Polonyi field in the renormalizable hidden sector in supergravity models. It is shown that radiative corrections induce a sizeable coupling of the Polonyi field toExpand
Quantum system under periodic perturbation: Effect of environment
In many physical situations the behavior of a quantum system is affected by interaction with a larger environment. We develop, using the method of an influence functional, how to deduce the densityExpand
A pr 2 00 1 On the Power Spectrum Density of Gamma Ray Bursts
Gamma ray bursts (GRBs) are known to have short-time variability and power-law behavior with the index −1.67 in the power spectrum density. Reanalyzing the expanded data, we have found a) theExpand
High Momentum Behavior of Geometric Bremsstrahlung in the Expanding Universe
•We discuss various kinds of geometric bremsstrahlung processes in the spatially flat Robertson· Walker universe. Despite the fact that the temperature of the universe is much higher than particleExpand
Quantum dissipation and decay in a medium
Quantum dissipation in a thermal environment is investigated, using the path-integral approach. The reduced density matrix of the harmonic oscillator system coupled to a thermal bath of oscillatorsExpand
Stability of gauge hierarchy in Einstein supergravity
In supersymmetric grand unified theories, the gauge hierarchy achieved by a fine-tuning in the superpotential can be violated in the presence of soft breaking terms. We examine this problem inExpand