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Effects of interesterified vegetable oils and sugarbeet fiber on the quality of frankfurters.
The effects of interesterified vegetable oils (IVOs) prepared from palm, cottonseed and olive oil, respectively, and sugarbeet fiber (SBF) on quality of frankfurters have been studied. Beef fat (10%)Expand
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Effects of packaging materials, storage conditions and variety on oxidative stability of shelled walnuts
Abstract The effects of storage temperature, oxygen permeability of packaging material and variety on oxidative stability of vacuum-packaged walnut kernels were studied over a 12 months storageExpand
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Replacement of beef fat in Frankfurters by interesterified palm, cottonseed and olive oils
Abstract. Three interesterified vegetable oils (IVOs) prepared from palm, cottonseed, and olive oil, respectively, have been studied for application to Frankfurters. Beef fat (10%) was replaced byExpand
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Effects of interesterified vegetable oils and sugar beet fibre on the quality of Turkish‐type salami
Summary Turkish-type salami is an emulsion type product that is only shelf stable at chilling temperature. The use of three interesterified vegetable oils (IVOs) prepared from either palm,Expand
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The effect of ultrasound treatment on microbial and physicochemical properties of Iranian ultrafiltered feta-type cheese.
Pasteurization failures in the dairy industry have been reported in many previous studies. Hence, ultrasound, as a nonthermal alternative to pasteurization, has been studied in recent years. In thisExpand
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Seed oil profiles of five rose hip species (Rosa spp.) from Hakkâri, Turkey
The seed oil of rose hip is mainly used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. This study deals with detecting the seed oil contents of five rose hip species growing in Hakkâri, Eastern Turkey. By GC,Expand
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Effects of interesterified palm and cottonseed oil blends on cake quality
Summary Cake is one of the most loved bakery products. Formula constituents affect cake quality. Especially, fat in the formula alters internal and external attributes, shelf-life and nutritionalExpand
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Effects of some herbal extracts on oxidative stability of corn oil under accelerated oxidation conditions in comparison with some commonly used antioxidants
Abstract A total of 10 corn oil samples, 6 with herbal extracts, 2 with butyl hydroxy toluene (BHT) and ascorbyl palmitate (AP), a refined corn oil and the control, the stripped corn oil, wereExpand
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Experimentally determined viscosities of cottonseed, olive, hazelnut, corn, sunflower, canola and soybean oils were used in the development of an equation for simple and rapid viscosity estimationExpand
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Fatty acids, tocopherols, selenium and total carotene of pistachios (P. vera L.) from Diyarbakır (Southestern Turkey) and walnuts (J. regia L.) from Erzincan (Eastern Turkey)
In this study, 14 well-adapted genotypes of pistachio (Pistachio vera L.) grown in Diyarbakır (Southeastern Turkey) and 15 walnut (Juglans regia L.) genotypes grown in Erzincan (Eastern Turkey) haveExpand
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