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Antioxidant activity of Stevia rebaudiana Bert. Leaves from Bangladesh
The in vitro antioxidant potential of different extractives of Stevia rebaudiana Bert. was evaluated in the present study. Four complementary test systems; namely DPPH free radical scavenging,
Hypoglycaemic and antioxidant activities of Ficus racemosa Linn. fruits
The 1-BuOH soluble part of the ethanol extract exhibited significant antioxidant activity in DPPH free radical scavenging assay, and 3-O-(E)-Caffeoyl quinate was isolated for the first time from this plant, which also showed significant antioxidants activity.
Six new diterpenoids from Suregada multiflora.
Six new diterpenoids were isolated from a CH(2)Cl(2)-MeOH extract of the bark of Suregada multiflora on the basis of one- and two-dimensional NMR and other spectroscopic studies and chemical derivatizations.
Lipid profile of Helicobacter spp.: presence of cholesteryl glucoside as a characteristic feature
The lipid and fatty acid profiles of eight Helicobacter spp. (H. nemestrinae, H. acinonyx, H. canis, Helicobacter sp. strain CLO-3, "H. rappini" [Flexispira rappini], H. pametensis, Helicobacter sp.
Chitosan-charcoal composite was applied as a media to treat tannery effluent. The composite was prepared by a simple solution-evaporation method and the morphology of the prepared composite was
Antioxidant, Antinociceptive and CNS Activities of Viscum orientale and High Sensitive Quantification of Bioactive Polyphenols by UPLC
This study reveals significant in vivo anti-nociceptive and CNS depressant activities which justifies traditional medicinal applications of V. orientale.
HPLC profiling, antioxidant and in vivo anti-inflammatory activity of the ethanol extract of Syzygium jambos available in Bangladesh
The results suggest that the phenolic and flavonoid compounds are responsible for acute anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities of S. jambos.
Central-stimulating and analgesic activity of the ethanolic extract of Alternanthera sessilis in mice
Traditional uses of A. sessilis and the evaluation of the neuropharmacological and analgesic activity of the ethanol extract of the whole plant indicated that the plant can be a potential source of bioactive molecules.
Anthelmintic activity of ellagic acid, a major constituent of Alternanthera sessilis against Haemonchus contortus.
Phytochemical group test of ASE indicated the presence of reducing sugars, steroids, terpenoids, saponins, tannins and flavonoids and high level of EA in ASE, along with other phytochemical constituents might be responsible for the observed activity of the extract.
Antinociceptive and antioxidant potential of the crude ethanol extract of the leaves of Ageratum conyzoides grown in Bangladesh
The obtained results tend to suggest the antinociceptive and antioxidant activities of the ethanol extract of the plant leaves and justify its use in folkloric remedies.