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Sonneberg plate photometry for Boyajian's Star in two passbands
The F3 main sequence star KIC 8462852 (Boyajian's Star) showed deep (up to 20%) day-long brightness dips of unknown cause during the 4 years of the Kepler mission. A 0.164 mag (16%) dimming between
The Orbits of 451 Wide Visual Double Stars
  • I. Izmailov
  • Physics, Geology
    Astronomy Letters
  • 1 January 2019
Based on positional observations, we have determined the orbits of 130 visual double stars for the first time and improved the orbits of 321 stars. The histogram of eccentricities for all of the
The PHEMU15 catalogue and astrometric results of the Jupiter's Galilean satellite mutual occultation and eclipse observations made in 2014-2015
During the 2014-2015 mutual events season, the Institut de Mecanique Celeste et de Calcul desEphemerides (IMCCE), Paris, France, and the Sternberg Astronomical Institute (SAI), Moscow, Russia, led an
The PHEMU03 catalogue of observations of the mutual phenomena of the Galilean satellites of Jupiter
Context. In 2003, the Sun and the Earth passed through both the equatorial plane of Jupiter and therefore the orbital planes of its main satellites. Aims. During this period, mutual eclipses and
Astrometric observations of major satellites of Saturn with a 26-inch refractor
The results of observations of Saturn and its satellites with the 26-inch refractor at Pulkovo are presented. Over the observing period from January 2008 until May 2009, results were found from more
Astrometric CCD observations of visual double stars at the Pulkovo Observatory
We present the results of 3489 astrometric observations for 361 visual double stars performed in 2003–2007 with the 26-inch refractor of the Pulkovo Observatory. The angular separations between the
Pulkovo catalog of relative positions and motions of visual double and multiple stars from photographic observations with the 26-inch refractor in 1960–2007
The results of long-term, uniform, photographic observations of visual double and multiple stars obtained on the Pulkovo 26″ refractor are presented. Relative positions are calculated for 259 pairs
Astrometric observations of visual binaries using 26-inch refractor during 2007–2014 at Pulkovo
We present the results of 15184 astrometric observations of 322 visual binaries carried out in 2007–2014 at Pulkovo observatory. In 2007, the 26-inch refractor (F = 10413 mm, D = 65 cm) was equipped