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Cow Milk Angiogenin Induces Cytokine Production in Human Blood Leukocytes
Angiogenin isolated from cow milk induces the production of cytokines IL-1β, IL-6, and TNF-α in human leukocytes; the level of production of each cytokine depends on the concentration of theExpand
[Biological functions and therapeutic properties of angiogenins].
The review is devoted to an analysis of recently published data on the biological functions of angiogenins with a view to their potential use as an active basis for new pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
[Physical methods (ultrasound) and disinfecting agents for decontaminating the water in poultry meat processing].
Productional and laboratory experiments were carried out to study the effect of ultra sound with a view to decontaminating the water in the vats for cooling poultry carcasses and skin cover as wellExpand
Growth stimulating effect of bovine milk lactoferrin on dermal cells and probiotic bacteria
*Corresponding author: Ivan F. Gorlov, Volga Region Research Institute of Meat-and-milk Manufacture and Processing, 400131, Rokossovskogo St., 6, Volgograd, Russia. Tel.: +78442391101. Fax.:Expand
[Angiogenin content in human milk in the early period of lactation].
The content of angiogenin in human milk and dairy produce for feeding of children of the first year of life is investigated. It is revealed, that the highest concentration of angiogenin in human milkExpand
[Methods of demonstrating antibiotics residues in meat, organs and eggs].
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  • 1977
[Chemical and microbiological studies of the meat of broilers fed mixed feeds with a bacterial protein supplement].
Physico-chemical and microbiologic studies were carried out with meat of broilers that had been offered combined feed mixtures in which part of the soybean meal protein was replaced by microbial oneExpand
[Psychrophilic organisms in refrigerators].