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The Semantic Web
Contrastive reasoning is the reasoning with contrasts which are expressed as contrary conjunctions like the word ”but” in natural language. Expand
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OWL Web Ontology Language - Reference
The {W}eb {O}ntology {L}anguage {OWL} is a semantic markup language for publishing and sharing ontologies on the {W}orld {W}ide {W}eb. {OWL} is developed as a vocabulary extension of {RDF} (theExpand
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From SHIQ and RDF to OWL: the making of a Web Ontology Language
This paper presents an account of the trade-offs and design decisions that had to be made by the Web Ontology Working Group during the design of OWL. Expand
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The Even More Irresistible SROIQ
We describe an extension of the description logic underlying OWL-DL, SHOIN, with a number of expressive means that we believe will make it more useful in practice. Expand
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Description logic programs: combining logic programs with description logic
We show how to interoperate, semantically and inferentially, between the leading Semantic Web approaches to rules (RuleML Logic Programs) and ontologies (OWL/DAML+OIL Description Logic) via analyzing their expressive intersection. Expand
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OWL 2 Web Ontology Language: structural specification and functional-style syntax
The OWL 2 Web Ontology Language is an ontology language for the Semantic Web with formally defined meaning. Expand
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FaCT++ Description Logic Reasoner: System Description
This is a system description of the Description Logic reasoner FaCT++. Expand
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OWL 2: The next step for OWL
We present an overview of OWL 2-an extension to OWL that is currently being developed within the W3C OWL Working Group. Expand
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A Tableaux Decision Procedure for SHOIQ
This paper presents a tableaux decision procedure for SHOIQ, the DL underlying OWL DL. Expand
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HermiT: A Highly-Efficient OWL Reasoner
HermiT is a new OWL reasoner based on a novel “hypertableau” calculus. Expand
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