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Discovery of the oldest known Pterygota in the Lower Carboniferous of the Upper Silesian Basin in the Czech Republic (Insecta: Archaeorthoptera)
Abstract The earliest pterygote (winged insect), dated from the Lower Carboniferous (Namurian A/E1, circa 324 millions years ago) is described from the Upper Silesian Basin in the Czech Republic. OnExpand
Stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus ( Gasterosteidae) – a new species for ichthyofauna of Western Podolian Prydnistrovya
There was described a new species for fish fauna of Western Podolian Prydnistrovya – stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus Linnaeus, 1758 and a conclusion was made on high possibility of further increase of the sticklebacks number and enlargement of its distribution range. Expand
Antibiotic inhibition of RNA catalysis: neomycin B binds to the catalytic core of the td group I intron displacing essential metal ions.
How neomycin B binds to the intron RNA inhibiting splicing in vitro is reported, suggesting electrostatic interactions and competition with divalent metal ions. Expand
Production of glucose–fructose oxidoreductase and ethanol by Zymomonas mobilis ATCC 29191 in medium containing corn steep liquor as a source of vitamins
It is confirmed that CSL is an effective and cheap supplement for Z. mobilis medium, increasing the economic potential of a large-scale bio-production of sorbitol and gluconic acid by untreated Zymomonas mobilis cells. Expand
The parasites of the invasive Chinese sleeper Perccottus glenii (Fam. Odontobutidae), with the first report of Nippotaenia mogurndae in Ukraine
The low similarity among the different localities and the low parasite richness, that suggest that the parasite fauna of the Chinese sleeper in Ukraine is in transition, are noted. Expand
Anomalous drill-core parting in the sediments of the Upper Silesian basin
Anomalous jointing of drillcores is sometimes observed in prospect boreholes in the Upper Silesian basin. The drillcore is jointed into discs, slices or porringers that are not resemblant to naturalExpand