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Achieving Controllability of Electric Loads
This paper discusses conceptual frameworks for actively involving highly distributed loads in power system control actions. The context for load control is established by providing an overview ofExpand
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Decentralized Charging Control of Large Populations of Plug-in Electric Vehicles
This paper develops a strategy to coordinate the charging of autonomous plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) using concepts from non-cooperative games. The foundation of the paper is a model that assumesExpand
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Decentralized charging control for large populations of plug-in electric vehicles
The paper develops a novel decentralized charging control strategy for large populations of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs). We consider the situation where PEV agents are rational and weaklyExpand
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Trajectory Sensitivity Analysis of Hybrid Systems
The development of trajectory sensitivity analysis for hybrid systems, such as power systems, is presented in the paper. A hybrid system model which has a differential-algebraic-discrete (DAD)Expand
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Distributed MPC Strategies With Application to Power System Automatic Generation Control
A distributed model predictive control (MPC) framework, suitable for controlling large-scale networked systems such as power systems, is presented. The overall system is decomposed into subsystems,Expand
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Simulation and Optimization in an AGC System after Deregulation
In this paper, the traditional AGC two-area system is modified to take into account the effect of bilateral contracts on the dynamics. The concept of DISCO participation matrix to simulate theseExpand
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Control Lyapunov Functions for Controllable Series Devices
Controllable series devices (CSDs), i.e., series-connected flexible ac transmission systems (FACTS) devices, such as the unified power controller (UPFC), controllable series capacitor (CSC), andExpand
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Decentralized charging control for large populations of plug-in electric vehicles: Application of the Nash certainty equivalence principle
The paper develops and illustrates a novel decentralized charging control algorithm for large populations of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs). The proposed algorithm is an application of theExpand
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Sparsity-Exploiting Moment-Based Relaxations of the Optimal Power Flow Problem
Convex relaxations of non-convex optimal power flow (OPF) problems have recently attracted significant interest. While existing relaxations globally solve many OPF problems, there are practicalExpand
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A Robust Control Strategy for Shunt and Series Reactive Compensators to Dame Electromechanical Oscillations
This paper examines the enhancement of power system stability properties by use of thyristor controlled series capacitors (TCSCs) and static var systems (SVCs). Models suitable for incorporation inExpand
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