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The Bayer Activities of Daily Living Scale (B-ADL)
A description of the B-ADL and its application is focused on, thought especially suitable for application within a GP and primary care context for both screening a patient’s ADL capacities as well as for documentation of treatment effects and the progress of dementia. Expand
Psychomotor function and psychoactive drugs.
  • I. Hindmarch
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • British journal of clinical pharmacology
  • 1 September 1980
A cursory review of the literature reveals that the techniques used to assess psychomotor functions are diverse, often complex, frequently insensitive to drug induced changes and sometimesExpand
The leeds sleep evaluation questionnaire in psychopharmacological investigations—a review
Dose-related improvements in the self-reported ratings of getting to sleep and perceived quality of sleep were generally associated with reductions in theSelf-reported levels of alertness and behavioural integrity the morning following the nocturnal administration of sedative hypnotic and anti-anxiety agents. Expand
Factor analysis of a sleep evaluation questionnaire.
A self-completion sleep evaluation questionnaire (SEQ), consisting of 10 cm line analogue rating scale questions, was constructed to investigate subjects' responses to aspects of sleep and earlyExpand
The Bayer-Activities of Daily Living Scale (B-ADL): Results from a Validation Study in Three European Countries
In the identification of subjects with clinically manifest dementia symptoms (GDS stages 4 and 5), the B-ADL proved to be as efficient as the MMSE in the UK and German samples and superior to the MM SE in the Spanish sample. Expand
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors: meta‐analysis of discontinuation rates
There is a significant and clinically important advantage for the SSRIs compared with the TCAs in the acceptability of treatment measured by the number of discontinuations due to side effects reported in published studies. Expand
The Alzheimer's Disease Activities of Daily Living International Scale (ADL-IS)
An ADL scale consisting of 40 items that correlate with the global and cognitive progress of AD is developed for international usage in pharmacologic trials in incipient, mild, moderate, and moderately severe AD. Expand
A double-blind, randomized, parallel-group, flexible-dose study to evaluate the tolerability, efficacy and effects of treatment discontinuation with escitalopram and paroxetine in patients with major
During taper and cessation of treatment, patients in the paroxetine group demonstrated significantly more discontinuation symptoms relative to escitalopram based on the Discontinuation Emergent Signs and Symptoms scores. Expand
Absence of discontinuation symptoms with agomelatine and occurrence of discontinuation symptoms with paroxetine: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled discontinuation study
The effects of an abrupt interruption of agomelatine, a new melatonergic/serotonergic antidepressant, were explored in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study and no significant difference was shown between the continuing and interrupting groups in the second week of discontinuation. Expand
A naturalistic investigation of the effects of day-long consumption of tea, coffee and water on alertness, sleep onset and sleep quality
It is demonstrated that day-long tea consumption produces similar alerting effects to coffee, despite lower caffeine levels, but is less likely to disrupt sleep, and ingestion of caffeinated beverages may maintain aspects of cognitive and psychomotor performance throughout the day and evening. Expand