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Position paper of the German Society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, Head and Neck Surgery and the German Society of Phoniatrics and Pediatric Audiology – Current state of clinical and endoscopic
The diagnostic procedures of specific endoscopy as described in this position paper are part of the primary and fundamental tasks of ENT specialists and phoniatrists. Expand
Experience with the ESKA-Herrmann Tracheostoma Valve
Not only voice loss but also the existence of a permanent tracheostoma are severe handicaps after laryngectomy. We should therefore try to achieve: a) Intelligible fluent speech with goodExpand
[Cinematographic study of the pathologic mechanisms of aspiration pneumonia].
Five case-examples are presented illustrating the possibility of differentiation between three types of aspiration by means of cineradiography, the so-called pre, intra- and postdeglutitive aspiration, that is aspiration before or after triggering of the swallowing reflex. Expand
Experiments in surgical voice restoration using valve prostheses.
The extent to which surgery can create a low-resistance vibratile upper digestive tract is described, and the individual factors that influence flow resistance and which are due to the prosthesis were most important. Expand
Speech Restoration Via Voice Prostheses
Historical Perspective.- 1 The Different Types of Voice Prostheses.- The Simple Semi-Permanent Supratracheal Valve Prosthesis after Total Laryngectomy.- A Second Generation Artificial LarynxExpand
Electrocoagulation in the treatment of the choanal atresia in the newborn.
Wear and Tear on the Silicon of Valve Prostheses in the Upper Digestive Tract — A Study Using Electron Microscope Scanning
Valve prostheses in the digestive tract are subject to the effects of food, drink, and saliva. Moreover, they are under permanent mechanical stress caused by the distension and contraction of theExpand
Establishment of carcinoma cell lines from larynx and submandibular gland
In vitro cultivation of living human malignant tumor cells from a larynx and a submandibular gland carcinoma is described, indicating that cultures contained only a single cell type. Expand
4 Years Experience of Voice Production and Deglutition Using Valve Prostheses
An objective analysis of the outcome of the procedure was made according to two major criteria: the ability to swallow without aspiration, and the production of vocal sounds enabling speech rehabilitation with less than 10% intelligibility loss in the PLT-test according to Zenner (1984). Expand