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Spatial variability and temporal trends in water-use efficiency of European forests.
The increasing carbon dioxide (CO2 ) concentration in the atmosphere in combination with climatic changes throughout the last century are likely to have had a profound effect on the physiology ofExpand
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Response of climate-growth relationships and water use efficiency to thinning in a Pinus nigra afforestation
Abstract Thinning is the main forestry measure to increase tree growth by reducing stand tree density and competition for resources. A thinning experiment was established in 1993 on a 32-year-oldExpand
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Estimating 750 years of temperature variations and uncertainties in the Pyrenees by tree-ring reconstructions and climate simulations
Past temperature variations are usually inferred from proxy data or estimated using general circulation mod- els. Comparisons between climate estimations derived from proxy records and from modelExpand
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Multiple tree-ring chronologies (ring width, δ13C and δ18O) reveal dry and rainy season signals of rainfall in Indonesia
Climatic hazards, such as severe droughts and floods, affect extensive areas across monsoon Asia and can have profound impacts on the populations of that region. The area surrounding Indonesia,Expand
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Interdecadal modulation of the relationship between ENSO, IPO and precipitation: insights from tree rings in Australia
Australian climate-proxy reconstructions based on tree rings from tropical and subtropical forests have not been achieved so far due to the rarity of species producing anatomically distinct annualExpand
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Meteorological Drivers of Extremes in Daily Stem Radius Variations of Beech, Oak, and Pine in Northeastern Germany: An Event Coincidence Analysis
Observed recent and expected future increases in frequency and intensity of climatic extremes in central Europe may pose critical challenges for domestic tree species. Continuous dendrometerExpand
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Minimum winter temperature reconstruction from average earlywood vessel area of European oak (Quercus robur) in N-Poland
Abstract Tree-ring-based temperature reconstructions form a substantial part of the international proxy data base used to examine and model global climate variations of the last Millennium. However,Expand
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Application of ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.) roots to determine erosion rates in mountain torrents
Abstract Due to the effect of global change, the potential risk of natural hazards occurring in alpine areas is expected to increase to an even higher risk-level than has been recorded during theExpand
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A novel device for batch-wise isolation of α-cellulose from small-amount wholewood samples
A novel device for the chemical isolation of α-cellulose from wholewood material of tree rings was designed by the Potsdam Dendro Laboratory. It allows the simultaneous treatment of up to severalExpand
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Pooled versus separate measurements of tree-ring stable isotopes.
δ(13)C and δ(18)O of tree rings contain time integrated information about the environmental conditions weighted by seasonal growth dynamics and are well established as sources of palaeoclimatic andExpand
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