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Qualitative Research Methods in Human Geography
  • I. Hay
  • Political Science
  • 31 May 2001
Provides an introductory but comprehensive account of the main forms of research practice in geography and the environmental sciences. It aims to instruct novice researchers to conduct their ownExpand
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Research Ethics for Social Scientists: Between Ethical Conduct and Regulatory Compliance
Why Care About Ethics? Ethical Approaches Codes and Principles Regulating Ethics Informed Consent Confidentiality Avoiding Harm and Doing Good Relationships, Integrity and an Ethic of Care BetweenExpand
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Community Engagement for Student Learning in Geography
This article examines the role and purpose of community engagement as a learning and teaching strategy within higher education geography. It explores different interpretations of the concept ofExpand
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Research Ethics for Social Scientists
`This is an excellent book which can be recommended both to the professional ethicist seeking to situate research ethics for a social scientific audience and to social scientists seeking an overviewExpand
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The battle for Seattle: protest and popular geopolitics in The Australian newspaper
“Popular geopolitics” demands that attention be given to examination of the role of the media in the construction and perpetuation of dominant geopolitical understandings. This paper gives specificExpand
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Public participation shortcomings in tourism planning: the case of the Langkawi Islands, Malaysia
Public participation in decision-making processes is regarded as important for successful tourism planning. This paper presents the findings of a study examining the public participation approach toExpand
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(Hetero)sexing Space: Gay Men and “Straight” Space in Adelaide, South Australia
This paper examines gay men's perceptions and experiences of everyday places in Adelaide, South Australia. It illustrates the nature of social space as a heterosexual artifact. The paper alsoExpand
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Ethics, Geography and Responsible Citizenship [1]
Responsible citizenship requires moral accountability. Geography educators need to give greater attention to the teaching of professional ethics as part of our contribution to the education ofExpand
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‘That Tiny, Stratospheric Apex That Owns Most of the World’– Exploring Geographies of the Super‐Rich
This paper exhorts geographers to give critical attention to the super-rich, defined as individuals with investable assets in excess of $1 million. The super-rich currently number almost 11 millionExpand
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