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The Effects of Focus versus Diversification on Bank Performance: Evidence from Chinese Banks
This paper investigates the effects of focus versus diversification on bank performance using data on Chinese banks during the 1996-2006 period. We construct a new measure, economies ofExpand
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Social Capital and Debt Contracting: Evidence from Bank Loans and Public Bonds
We find that firms headquartered in U.S. counties with higher levels of social capital incur lower bank loan spreads. This finding is robust to using organ donation as an alternative social-capitalExpand
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The Innovation-Economic Growth Nexus: Global Evidence
This paper extends the line of research attempting to link innovation to economic growth by addressing some unexplored questions. Using global patent data, this paper empirically investigates theExpand
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Banking in Transition Countries
Modern banking institutions were virtually non-existent in the planned economies of central Europe and the former Soviet Union. In the early transition period, banking sectors began to develop duringExpand
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Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Financial Performance: The Mediating Role of Productivity
This study treats firm productivity as an accumulation of productive intangibles and posits that stakeholder engagement associated with better corporate social performance helps develop suchExpand
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Does Social Capital Matter in Corporate Decisions? Evidence from Corporate Tax Avoidance
We investigate whether the levels of social capital in US counties, as captured by strength of civic norms and density of social networks in the counties, are systematically related to tax avoidanceExpand
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Incentives and Innovation: Evidence from CEO Compensation Contracts
We investigate the relationship between chief executive officer (CEO) compensation and innovation. In an empirical examination of compensation contracts of S&P 400, 500, and 600 firms we find thatExpand
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The Effects of Focus and Diversification on Bank Risk and Return: Evidence from Individual Bank Loan Portfolios
We study empirically the effect of focus (specialization) versus diversification on the return and the risk of banks using data from 105 Italian banks over the period 1993–99. Specifically, weExpand
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The Risk-Taking Channel of Monetary Policy in the Us: Evidence from Corporate Loan Data
To study the presence of a risk-taking channel in the US, we build a comprehensive dataset from the syndicated corporate loan market and measure monetary policy using different measures, most notablyExpand
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Professors in the Boardroom and Their Impact on Corporate Governance and Firm Performance
Directors from academia served on the boards of around 40% of S&P 1,500 firms over the 1998-2011 period. This paper investigates the effects of academic directors on corporate governance and firmExpand
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