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Intrafamilial conflict and parental investment: a synthesis.
We outline and develop current theory on how inherent genetic conflicts of interest between the various family members can affect the flow of parental investment from parents to offspring, andExpand
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Maternally derived androgens and antioxidants in bird eggs: complementary but opposing effects?
Maternally derived traits, such as within-clutch variation in the amount of testosterone deposited in egg yolks, may have profound effects on offspring fitness. Offspring with elevated levels ofExpand
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Begging for control: when are offspring solicitation behaviours honest?
There is burgeoning interest in the idea that conspicuous begging displays, when parents are provisioning dependent young, advertise offspring need honestly to parents. Many empirical studies claimExpand
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Begging scrambles with unequal chicks: interactions between need and competitive ability
When offspring compete for the attentions of provisioning parents, empirical and theoretical work has generally concluded that chicks honestly signal their "need" for resources and that parentsExpand
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Sexual dimorphism in birds: why are there so many different forms of dimorphism?
Variation in the extent of sexual dimorphism among bird species is traditionally attributed to differences in social mating system. However, there are many different forms of dimorphism among birds,Expand
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No effect of parental quality or extrapair paternity on brood sex ratio in the blue tit (Parus caeruleus)
Sex allocation theory predicts that parents should manipulate brood sex ratio in order to maximise the combined reproductive value of their progeny. Females mating with high quality males should,Expand
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Heterotrophic microbial communities use ancient carbon following glacial retreat
When glaciers retreat they expose barren substrates that become colonized by organisms, beginning the process of primary succession. Recent studies reveal that heterotrophic microbial communitiesExpand
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Sexual conflict reduces offspring fitness in zebra finches
Parental care is often costly; hence, in sexually reproducing species where both male and female parents rear their offspring (biparental care), sexual conflict over parental investment can arise.Expand
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Local Temperature and not Latitude Determines the Design of Blue Tit and Great Tit nests
Recent studies are documenting the extent to which the mass and construction of bird nests varies between individuals and locations. In the Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) and Great Tit (Parus major),Expand
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The design and function of birds' nests
All birds construct nests in which to lay eggs and/or raise offspring. Traditionally, it was thought that natural selection and the requirement to minimize the risk of predation determined the designExpand
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