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Emergent Leadership in Children's Discussion Groups
Abstract Emergent leadership was examined in 12 discussion groups in 4 fourth-grade classrooms. Children's leadership moves were coded from transcripts of 10 free-flowing, open-format discussions ofExpand
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Influence of a Teacher’s Scaffolding Moves During Child-Led Small-Group Discussions
The influence of one teacher’s scaffolding moves on children’s performance in free-flowing child-led small-group discussions was investigated. Three moves were examined: prompting for and praisingExpand
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Discourse Patterns During Children's Collaborative Online Discussions
This article examines the discourse of 10 groups of children during text-based online discussions. Analysis of the discourse in the discussions showed that 8 different rhetorical moves, or argumentExpand
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Structural Effect of Thioureas on the Detection of Chemical Warfare Agent Simulants.
The ability to rapidly detect, identify, and monitor chemical warfare agents (CWAs) is imperative for both military and civilian defense. Since most CWAs and their simulants have an organophosphonateExpand
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Fabrication of recyclable superhydrophobic cotton fabrics
Abstract Commercial cotton fabric was coated with SiO 2 nanoparticles wrapped with a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) layer, and the resulting material surface showed a water contact angle greater thanExpand
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Use of NiO/SiO2 catalysts for toluene total oxidation: Catalytic reaction at lower temperatures and repeated regeneration
Abstract We deposited NiO via atomic layer deposition on mesoporous SiO2 particles with diameters of several hundred micrometers and a mean mesopore size of ∼14 nm. NiO was deposited within the shellExpand
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Room temperature CO oxidation catalyzed by NiO particles on mesoporous SiO2 prepared via atomic layer deposition: Influence of pre-annealing temperature on catalytic activity
Abstract We prepared NiO nanoparticles on mesoporous SiO2 using atomic layer deposition and additionally annealed the prepared samples at four different temperatures (300–750 °C) under dry air. NiOExpand
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A facile growth process of CeO2-Co3O4 composite nanotubes and its catalytic stability for CO oxidation
Hybrid cerium dioxide (CeO2)-cobalt oxide (Co3O4) composite nanotubes were successfully prepared by a combination of electrospinning and thermal annealing using CeO2 and Co3O4 precursors for theExpand
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Activity of catalysts consisting of Fe2O3 nanoparticles decorating entire internal structure of mesoporous Al2O3 bead for toluene total oxidation
Abstract Fe 2 O 3 nanoparticles with a mean size of ∼1 nm were evenly distributed inside the mesoporous Al 2 O 3 with a diameter of ∼1 mm using temperature-regulated chemical vapor depositionExpand
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High-performing and durable MgO/Ni catalysts via atomic layer deposition for CO2 reforming of methane (CRM)
Abstract MgO-coated Ni catalysts with two different shell thicknesses were prepared using atomic layer deposition (ALD) and their catalytic activities for the CO 2 reforming of CH 4 (CRM) wereExpand
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