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Interacting electrons in disordered wires: Anderson localization and low-T transport.
The conductivity sigma(T) of interacting electrons in a low-dimensional disordered system at low temperature T is studied, finding the mechanism of transport in the critical regime is many-particle transitions between distant states in Fock space.
Electron transport in disordered graphene
We study the electron transport properties of a monoatomic graphite layer (graphene) with different types of disorder. We show that the transport properties of the system depend strongly on the
Quantum criticality and minimal conductivity in graphene with long-range disorder.
The effective field theory is derived, which, for the case of a potential disorder, is a symplectic-class sigma model including a topological term with theta=pi, which is at a quantum critical point with a universal value of the conductivity of the order of e(2)/h.
Coulomb interaction in graphene: Relaxation rates and transport
We analyze the inelastic electron-electron scattering in undoped graphene within the Keldysh diagrammatic approach. We demonstrate that finite temperature strongly affects the screening properties of
Hydrodynamics in graphene: Linear-response transport
We develop a hydrodynamic description of transport properties in graphene-based systems which we derive from the quantum kinetic equation. In the interaction-dominated regime, the collinear
Diffusion and criticality in undoped graphene with resonant scatterers.
The theory provides a basis for an efficient numerical analysis of the charge transport and is applied to calculate the Dirac-point conductivity σ of graphene with resonant scatterers.
Collision-dominated nonlinear hydrodynamics in graphene
We present an effective hydrodynamic theory of electronic transport in graphene in the interaction-dominated regime. We derive the emergent hydrodynamic description from the microscopic Boltzmann
Rippling and crumpling in disordered free-standing graphene
Graphene is a famous realization of elastic crystalline 2D membrane. Thermal fluctuations of a 2D membrane tend to destroy the long-range order in the system. Such fluctuations are stabilized by
Energy transport in the Anderson insulator
We study the heat conductivity in Anderson insulators in the presence of power-law interaction. Particle-hole excitations built on localized electron states are viewed as two-level systems randomly
Magnetoresistance induced by rare strong scatterers in a high-mobility two-dimensional electron gas
We observe a strong negative magnetoresistance at non-quantizing magnetic fields in a high-mobility two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG). This strong negative magnetoresistance consists of a narrow