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Croatia: A History
When the Roman Empire split in the 4th century AD into the Western and Eastern empires, the boundary between the two stretched from the Montenegrin coast up the river Drina to the confluence of theExpand
Revisionism in Croatia: The case of Franjo Tudman
I n the last decade of the twentieth century Croatian public life was strongly influenced by the denial, or distortion, of the facts surrounding the wartime Independent State of Croatia. This was aExpand
Restoring jewish life in communist Yugoslavia, 1945–1967
L'article relate la situation des Juifs en Yougoslavie pendant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale, leur participation dans la resitance yougoslave et les obstacles que les Juifs de Yougoslavie rencontraientExpand
THE JEWS IN YUGOSLAVIA 1918–1941 Antisemitism and the Struggle for Equality
The Kingdom of Yugoslavia was a very complex state: it stretched from the Alps almost to the Aegean Sea, covering an area that had not been under a single administration since the fourth century. ItExpand
The Independent State of Croatia in 1941: On the Road to Catastrophe
Abstract This article deals with the Independent State of Croatia (Nezavisna Država Hrvatska – NDH): that is, the territory which is now Croatia and Bosnia‐Herzegovina. However, I have primarilyExpand
The Holocaust in Croatia
Paul the Deacon, History of the Lombards
Kriticko izdanje ranosrednjovjekovne povjesnice Pavla Đakona "Povijest Langobarda" (8. stoljece) s prijevodom, historiografskim studijama i povijesnim komentarom. Literarni izvor pokriva povijestExpand