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Organic acids: old metabolites, new themes
Fumaric, L-malic and citric acids are intermediates of the oxidative tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle which in eukaryotes is localized in mitochondria. These organic acids are synthesized andExpand
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Optimization of L‐malic acid production by Aspergillus flavus in a stirred fermentor
Effects of various nutritional and environmental factors on the accumulation of organic acids (mainly L‐malic acid) by the filamentous fungus Aspergillus flavus were studied in a 16‐L stirredExpand
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Biochemical Aspects of Fumaric Acid Accumulation by Rhizopus arrhizus.
The accumulation and excretion of fumaric acid, and to a lesser extent malic and succinic acids, by Rhizopus arrhizus occurs under aerobic conditions in a high-glucose medium containing a limitingExpand
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Differential binding of proteins to peroxisomes in rat hepatoma cells: unique association of enzymes involved in isoprenoid metabolism.
Farnesyl diphosphate synthase (FPPS: EC2.5.1.10), a key enzyme in isoprenoid metabolic pathways, catalyzes the synthesis of farnesyl diphosphate (FPP) an intermediate in the biosynthesis of bothExpand
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Malic acid accumulation by Aspergillus flavus
SummaryScanning electron microscopy revealed that Aspergillus flavus produced unusual crystals and hair-like processes during its l-malic acid production phase. Crystallinic dendritic aggregates wereExpand
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Malic acid accumulation by Aspergillus flavus
SummaryThe accumulation and excretion of l-malic acid, and to a lesser extent succinic and fumaric acids, by Aspergillus flavus occurs under aerobic conditions in a medium containing a high glucoseExpand
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Functional Foods: Designer Foods, Pharmafoods, Nutraceuticals
Introduction. HEALTH ATTRIBUTES OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS. Reducing the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease. Reducing the Risk of Cancer. Functional Foods in the Control of Obesity. Nutrient Control of ImmuneExpand
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Malic acid accumulation by Aspergillus flavus
Summary13C Nuclear magnetic resonance and fumarase and NAD-malate dehydrogenase isoenzyme studies were carried out in a strain of A. flavus which produces relatively high levels of l-malic acid fromExpand
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Bacterial yields on methanol, methylamine, formaldehyde, and formate
Several bacteria utilizing C1‐compounds as sole carbon sources were grown on these substrates in continuous culture. The molar yield values (g of cell dry wt/mol of substrate utilized) of bacteriaExpand
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Localization of pyruvate carboxylase in organic acid-producing Aspergillus strains.
The localization of pyruvate carboxylase (cytosolic or mitochondrial) was studied in nine different Aspergillus species (14 strains). In some species (A. aculeatus, A. flavus, A. foetidus, A.Expand
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