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Indications, methods, and outcomes of percutaneous liver biopsy in England and Wales: an audit by the British Society of Gastroenterology and the Royal College of Physicians of London.
The liver section of the British Society of Gastroenterology and the research unit of the Royal College of Physicians collaborated to set up a nationwide audit to investigate the practice ofExpand
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The burden of alcohol misuse on an inner-city general hospital.
Alcohol consumption in the UK has been increasing steadily. We prospectively studied the burden on hospital services caused by overt alcohol misuse, in an inner-city hospital in north-west England.Expand
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The alcohol harm paradox: using a national survey to explore how alcohol may disproportionately impact health in deprived individuals
BackgroundInternationally, studies show that similar levels of alcohol consumption in deprived communities (vs. more affluent) result in higher levels of alcohol-related ill health. Hypotheses toExpand
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Pregnancy in Crigler‐Najjar syndrome. Case report
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Cost effectiveness of detecting Barrett's cancer.
BACKGROUND: Screening Barrett's oesophagus is controversial owing to a large variation in the reported incidence of neoplastic change and lack of evidence that screening improves tumour prognosis.Expand
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Experience with transjugular liver biopsy.
The results of 193 transjugular liver biopsies performed with a modified needle are described. An adequate specimen was obtained in 97%, and complications were rare, although puncture of the liverExpand
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Effect of policy, economics, and the changing alcohol marketplace on alcohol related deaths in England and Wales
The economic downturn and rises in alcohol taxation seem to have stemmed the persistent rise in alcohol related deaths in England and Wales, but Nick Sheron and Ian Gilmore caution that changes toExpand
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Cigarette smoking and inflammatory bowel disease.
In a case-control study 280 patients with inflammatory bowel disease and matched community controls taken from general practitioner lists were questioned about their smoking habits. Whether assessedExpand
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Measurement of menadione-mediated DNA damage in human lymphocytes using the comet assay.
The model quinone compound menadione has been used to study the effects of oxidative stress in mammalian cells, and to investigate the mechanism of action of the quinone nucleus which is present inExpand
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Brief interventions in dependent drinkers: a comparative prospective analysis in two hospitals.
AIMS To investigate whether brief interventions (BIs) delivered by a dedicated Alcohol Specialist Nurse (ASN) to non-treatment-seeking alcohol-dependent patients in an acute hospital setting areExpand
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