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Maxmin Expected Utility with Non-Unique Prior
Acts are functions from states of nature into finite-support distributions over a set of 'deterministic outcomes'. We characterize preference relations over acts which have a numerical representationExpand
Expected utility with purely subjective non-additive probabilities
Acts are functions from the set of states of the world into the set of consequences. Savage proposed axioms regarding a binary relation on the set of acts which are necessary and sufficient for it toExpand
Updating Ambiguous Beliefs
The Bayesian approach to decision making under uncertainty prescribes that a decision maker have a unique prior probability and a utility function such that decisions are made so as to maximize the expected utility. Expand
Case-Based Decision Theory
This paper suggests that decision-making under uncertainty is, at least partly, case-based. We propose a model in which cases are primitive, and provide a simple axiomatization of a decision ruleExpand
Theory Of Decision Under Uncertainty
This book describes the classical axiomatic theories of decision under uncertainty, as well as critiques thereof and alternative theories. It focuses on the meaning of probability, discussing someExpand
Nash and correlated equilibria: Some complexity considerations
This paper deals with the complexity of computing Nash and correlated equilibria for a finite game in normal form. We examine the problems of checking the existence of equilibria satisfying a certainExpand
Ambiguity and the Bayesian Paradigm
This is a survey of some of the recent decision-theoretic literature involving beliefs that cannot be quantified by a Bayesian prior. We discuss historical, philosophical, and axiomatic foundationsExpand
A theory of case-based decisions
Gilboa and Schmeidler provide a new paradigm for modeling decision making under uncertainty. Expand
Social Stability and Equilibrium
This paper constructs a two-country (Home and Foreign) general equilibrium model of Schumpeterian growth without scale effects. The scale effects property is removed by introducing two distinctExpand
Objective and Subjective Rationality in a Multiple Prior Model
A decision maker is characterized by two binary relations. The first reflects decisions that are rational in an “objective” sense: the decision maker can convince others that she is right in makingExpand