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Modulation of the classical pathway C3 convertase by plasma proteins C4 binding protein and C3b inactivator.
We recently described the isolation from human serum of a serum protein (C4 binding protein) that functions as an essential cofactor for C3b inactivator in the proteolysis of fluid-phase C4b and to aExpand
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Human C4-binding protein. II. Role in proteolysis of C4b by C3b- inactivator
We recently described the isolation from human serum of a high molecular weight protein with specific binding affinity for fluid-phase activated C4. We show here that the C4-binding protein (C4-Bp)Expand
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Methods for the separation, purification and measurement of nine components of hemolytic complement in guinea-pig serum.
Abstract C′1 precipitates from normal guinea-pig serum at ionic strength 0.04 and pH 7.5. It may be purified further by reprecipitation during dialysis against 0.005 m phosphate buffer, pH 7.5. C′3bExpand
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Human C4-binding protein. I. Isolation and characterization
C4-binding protein (C4-bp), a new component of the complement system, was isolated from human plasma by precipitation with polyethyleneglycol, followed by chromatography on ion exchangers. C4-bp wasExpand
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The Complement Cofactor Protein (SBP1) from the Barred Sand Bass (Paralabrax nebulifer) Mediates Overlapping Regulatory Activities of Both Human C4b Binding Protein and Factor H*
We have previously shown that serum of the teleost fish barred sand bass (Paralabrax nebulifer) cleaves the α′-chain of human C4b and C3b. The proteins that participate in these reactions wereExpand
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Evolutionary relationships among proteins encoded by the regulator of complement activation gene cluster.
Evolutionary relationships among members of the regulator of complement activation (RCA) gene cluster were analyzed using neighbor-joining and parsimony methods of phylogenetic tree inference. WeExpand
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Evidence for a role for anti‐Müllerian hormone in the suppression of follicle activation in mouse ovaries and bovine ovarian cortex grafted beneath the chick chorioallantoic membrane
The first critical transition in follicular development, the activation of primordial follicles to leave the pool of resting follicles and begin growth, is poorly understood, but it appears that theExpand
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The complement system of man. 3.
Acquired Abnormalities Alterations in the complement system associated with human disease have been appreciated since early in this century,152 but only within recent years have measurements of ser...
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The structure and enzymic activities of the C1r and C1s subcomponents of C1, the first component of human serum complement.
The subcomponents C1r and C1s and their activated forms C-1r and C-1s were each found to have mol.wts. in dissociating solvents of about 83000. The amino acid compositions of each were similar, butExpand
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Cloning and characterization of a cDNA representing a putative complement-regulatory plasma protein from barred sand bass (Parablax neblifer).
It has been demonstrated previously that plasma from a number of vertebrate species including the phylogenetically old barred sand bass possesses molecules that cleave the alpha'-chain of theExpand
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