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Evaluation of Performance Measures for Two-Lane Intercity Highways under Mixed Traffic Conditions
AbstractTraffic performance of a highway is expressed in terms of level of service (LOS). It is a major input to important decisions on public fund investments. Because of its unique operationalExpand
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Examination of factors affecting freeway incident clearance times: a comparison of the generalized F model and several alternative nested models
Traffic incidents are a principal cause of congestion on urban freeways, reducing capacity and creating risks for both involved motorists and incident response personnel. As incident durationsExpand
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Investigation of Emergency Vehicle Crashes in the State of Michigan
Crashes involving emergency vehicles, including ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars, are a substantial problem nationwide. The national traffic fatality rates for emergency medical serviceExpand
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Examination of Factors Affecting Driver Injury Severity in Michigan's Single-Vehicle–Deer Crashes
Michigan is plagued by more than 60,000 deer–vehicle crashes on an annual basis. Although the majority of these crashes result in property damage only, a substantial number lead to significantExpand
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Real-time forecasts and risk assessment of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases: A data-driven analysis
Abstract The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has become a public health emergency of international concern affecting 201 countries and territories around the globe. As of April 4, 2020, itExpand
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Effects of Dynamically Activated Emergency Vehicle Warning Sign on Driver Behavior at Urban Intersections
Emergency vehicles are subjected to substantial risks when traveling through urban signalized intersections, particularly when the cross street traffic is provided with a green signal indication. Expand
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Effect of Countdown Timers on Traffic Characteristics and Driver Behaviors at Signalized Intersections
Signal countdown timers are being installed adjacent to the traffic signal heads at major signalized intersections in India. These timers display the seconds remaining for a particular signal phaseExpand
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Saturation Flow Model for Signalized Intersection under Mixed Traffic Condition
Saturation flow is one of the most important functional parameters at signalized intersections. It is to be noted that saturation flow is a functional measure of the intersection operation, whichExpand
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Determination of Passenger-Car Units on Two-Lane Intercity Highways under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions
AbstractThe introduction of the passenger car unit (PCU) concept by the 1965 edition of the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) enabled researchers around the world to deal with mixed traffic flow. ThoughExpand
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