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Right-handed neutrino production rate at T > 160 GeV
The production rate of right-handed neutrinos from a Standard Model plasma at a temperature above a hundred GeV has previously been evaluated up to NLO in Standard Model couplings (g ∼ 2/3) inExpand
A new method for taming tensor sum-integrals
A bstractWe report on the computation of a class of massless bosonic three-loop vacuum sum-integrals which are key building blocks for an evaluation of the Debye screening mass in hot QCD.Expand
Interpolation of hard and soft dilepton rates
A bstractStrict next-to-leading order (NLO) results for the dilepton production rate from a QCD plasma at temperatures above a few hundred MeV suffer from a breakdown of the loop expansion in theExpand
Tight-binding molecular dynamics simulations of radiation-induced C 60 fragmentation
The radiation-induced fragmentation of the ${\text{C}}_{60}$ fullerene was investigated by tight-binding molecular dynamics simulations based on the parametrization of Papaconstantopoulos et al.Expand
Debye screening mass of hot Yang-Mills theory to three-loop order
A bstractBuilding upon our earlier work, we compute a Debye mass of finite-temperature Yang-Mills theory to three-loop order. As an application, we determine a g7 contribution to the thermodynamicExpand
Three-loop Debye mass and effective coupling in thermal QCD
We determine the three-loop effective parameters of the dimensionally reduced theory of EQCD as matching coefficients to full QCD. The mass parameter $\mE$ is interpreted as the high temperature,Expand
Automated computation meets hot QCD
We give a short review on recent progress in the field of automated calculations in finite temperature field theory, where integration-by-parts techniques have proven (almost) as useful as in the zero-temperature case. Expand
On high-order perturbative calculations at finite density
Abstract We discuss the prospects of performing high-order perturbative calculations in systems characterized by a vanishing temperature but finite density. In particular, we show that theExpand
A new three-loop sum-integral of mass dimension two
A bstractWe evaluate a new 3-loop sum-integral which contributes to the Debye screening mass in hot QCD. While we manage to derive all divergences analytically, its finite part is mapped onto simpleExpand