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Crystal structure of the transport unit of the autotransporter adhesin involved in diffuse adherence from Escherichia coli.
Several serious gastrointestinal diseases, which are widespread all over the world, are caused by enteropathogenic Escherichia coli. The monomeric autotransporter AIDA-I (adhesin involved in diffuseExpand
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Structural comparison of the transport units of type V secretion systems
Abstract Pathogenic gram-negative bacteria have evolved several secretion mechanisms to translocate adhesins, enzymes, toxins, and other virulence factors across the inner and outer membranes.Expand
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Purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of the transport unit of the monomeric autotransporter AIDA-I from Escherichia coli.
The adhesin involved in diffuse adherence (AIDA-I) from Escherichia coli belongs to the group of autotransporters, specifically the type Va secretion system (T5aSS). All autotransporter systemsExpand
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Determination of the AIDA-I ß-barrel crystal structure: getting the clue to the autotransporter secretion pathway
Im Laufe der Evolution entwickelten sich in Gram-negativen Bakterien Sekretionssysteme, um Proteinen, die an Prozessen wie bakterieller Kommunikation, Nahrstoffaufnahme, Detoxifikation undExpand