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Developmental toxicity of artesunate and an artesunate combination in the rat and rabbit.
Investigations of the mechanism of developmental toxicity are ongoing to attempt to determine whether rats and rabbits are more sensitive to artemisinins than humans, and no adverse drug-related developmental effects have been observed in a limited number of pregnant women treated with artesinins, primarily artesunate.
Inhalation toxicity studies with 1,3-butadiene. 3. Two year toxicity/carcinogenicity study in rats.
It is suggested that butadiene is a weak oncogen to the rat under the conditions of exposure used in this study, and kidney weight was increased in males at the high dose, together with an increase in the severity of nephrosis.
Studies on the Metabolism and Hepatotoxicity of Coumarin in the Baboon
Findings are consistent with a belief that acrolein is a metabolite of cyclophosphamide in man and lend added interest to the suggestion of Alarcon & Meienhofer (1971) that the therapeutic effects of cyclophile may be related to the metabolic formation of ac rolein.
Long-term toxicity of sorbic acid in the rat.
Long-term toxicity of Sunset Yellow FCF in mice.