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Thinking Like Non-Lawyers: Why Empathy is a Core Lawyering Skill and Why Legal Education Should Change to Reflect Its Importance
This article is an exploration of some of the issues raised by the recent Carnegie Report on Educating Lawyers, and contains a recommendation that law schools change the way they teach especiallyExpand
'Aux Armes, Citoyens!:' Time for Law Schools to Lead the Movement for Free and Open Access to the Law
This article is a manifesto that outlines the principles of the open access to legal information movement and sounds a call to action for law schools to become leaders in that movement. The articleExpand
'Who are Those Guys?' The Results of a Survey Studying the Information Literacy of Incoming Law Students
This article presents the results of a summer 2006 survey of students about to begin their first year of law school. In total, 740 students from seven different law schools responded to the survey.Expand
'When Numbers Get Serious': A Study of Plain English Usage in Briefs Filed before the New York Court of Appeals
This article describes the results of a study of briefs filed in the New York Court of Appeals between 1969 and 2008. In particular, portions of these briefs were analyzed using the Flesch ReadingExpand
“Forty-Two:” A Hitchhikers Guide To Teaching Legal Research To The Google Generation
Students are coming to law school increasingly dependent on computers to serve their research needs. And they expect that computerized legal research will be both more efficient and more effectiveExpand
Conducting the Constitution: Justice Scalia, Textualism, and the Eroica Symphony
This article examines the three principle Constitutional interpretative approaches and compares them to similar interpretative doctrines used by musicians. In particular, it examines the theoreticalExpand
Cite Unseen: How Neutral Citation And America's Law Schools Can Cure Our Strange Devotion To Bibliographical Orthodoxy And The Constriction Of Open And Equal Access To The Law
This article looks at the phenomenon of legal citation and its unintended consequences. After considering the reasons for the American legal system's devotion to precisely accurate and detailedExpand
'Getting to Know You': Results from a Pilot Survey of Incoming Law Students
Every year, those of us who teach first year law students face the same dilemma: we know that the more we understand about our students - who they are, how they think, and what they know (and thinkExpand