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Infective endocarditis due to Abiotrophia defectiva: a report of two cases.
Standard treatment of bacterial endocarditis with penicillin and gentamicin was effective in both patients, and the present patients had a favorable outcome on completion of treatment and at one-year follow up. Expand
Anaerobic Bacteria in Implants and Homologous Teeth 2-14 Years after Implantation
It is shown that Anaerobic bacteria were more abundantly present on implants than on homologous teeth. Expand
Osteointegration of a replanted tooth followed by RVG densitometry.
A patient aged 9 who had the 2-day old fracture of the root of first permanent central incisor skewed palatinally 3 mm under the bone showed entire osteointegration and daily follow-up did not show either pathological perioodontal changes or subjective pain symptoms. Expand
Aerobic Microflora of Subgingival Regions in Prosthodontic Patients with Dental Implants
Values of clinical parameters and isolated bacteria represent thel findings for occurence of perimplantitis and consequently the loss of the biological durability of prosthetic restorations inserted on the implants. Expand
Terapeutic Procedures of Complicated Crown and Root Fracture of Teeth
Prikazani su klinicki postupci kako se mogu tretirati vrlo komplicirane frakture krune i korijena zuba i kako se na taj nacin izgubljeni zub opet može vratiti u funkciju. U opisu se daje i kritickiExpand