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Urgent preservation of boreal carbon stocks and biodiversity.
There is an urgent need to preserve existing boreal forests and restore degraded areas if the authors are to avoid losing this relatively intact biodiversity haven and major global carbon sink. Expand
Global estimates of boreal forest carbon stocks and flux
Abstract The boreal ecosystem is an important global reservoir of stored carbon and a haven for diverse biological communities. The natural disturbance dynamics there have historically been driven byExpand
Eating frogs to extinction.
This paper presents a meta-analyses of the immune system’s response to climate change using a probabilistic approach and shows clear patterns of decline in the immune systems of response to infectious disease. Expand
No evidence for extrapair fertilizations in the merlin revealed by DNA fingerprinting
No offspring were found that mismatched genetically suggesting that intraspecific brood parasitism and extrapair fertilization are very rare in this population of merlins, suggesting the Paternity Assurance Hypothesis is correct. Expand
Assessing the Function of Broad-Scale Movements Made by Juvenile Songbirds Prior to Migration
The results provide important insights into the function of broad-scale landscape-level movements for juvenile songbirds prior to migration, as well as their relative importance to individuals' success, both immediate and future. Expand
Eye on the Taiga: Removing Global Policy Impediments to Safeguard the Boreal Forest
The absence of boreal forests from global policy agendas on sustainable development and climate change mitigation represents a massive missed opportunity for environmental protection. The boreal zoneExpand
Gray-cheeked Thrush (Catharus minimus)
Songbird Use of Gallery Woodlands in Recently Cleared and Older Settled Landscapes of the Selva Lacandona, Chiapas, Mexico.
The data suggest that birds do not crowd into limited habitat as the surrounding vegetation is eliminated, implying that the overall carrying capacity of the agricultural landscape is greatly enhanced as larger areas of arroyo vegetation are protected. Expand
Landscape Structure and Spatial Scale Affect Space use by Songbirds in Naturally Patchy and Harvested Boreal Forests
Abstract Knowledge of how landscape structure influences patterns of animal space use is critical to developing sustainable landscape management practices. For breeding songbirds that defend aExpand
In both sexes, breeding performance improved with age, but differences between the sexes in terms of age-dependent breeding performance are likely a consequence of the differing roles the two parents play in reproduction. Expand