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Spatial and temporal changes in benthic communities of the Galician continental shelf after the Prestige oil spill.
An assessment of the effects of the Prestige oil spill on benthic fauna was carried out using the data obtained in five multidisciplinary surveys, detecting a decrease in the densities of several epibenthic indicators the first year after spill, followed by a noteworthy recovery in 2004. Expand
Trophodynamics and functional feeding groups of North Sea fauna: a combined stable isotope and fatty acid approach
Although functional groups of pelagic zooplankton and (supra-) benthic animals represented phylogenetically distinct consumer groups, δ13CPLFA demonstrated that both groups were supported by pelagic primary production and relied on the same macronutrients such as PLFAs. Expand
Resource utilization by deep-sea sharks at the Le Danois Bank, Cantabrian Sea, north-east Atlantic Ocean.
The feeding ecology of these predators in Le Danois Bank ecosystem is highly influenced by depth-related variables, as a result of changes in prey availability, and redundancy analysis indicated top-basin segregation. Expand
Potential contribution of surface-dwelling Sargassum algae to deep-sea ecosystems in the southern North Atlantic
The large-scale sedimentation of Sargassum forms an important trophic link between surface and benthic production and has to be further considered in the future as a regular carbon input to the deep-sea floor in the North Atlantic. Expand
Epibenthic communities of sedimentary habitats in a NE Atlantic deep seamount (Galicia Bank)
Abstract Galicia Bank is a deep seamount included as Site of Community Importance (SCI) in the Spanish Natura 2000 Network proposal. In the present study, epibenthic assemblages of sedimentaryExpand
A new species of Prosorhochmus (Hoplonemertea, Monostilifera) from the Chafarinas Islands (western Mediterranean)
A viviparous hoplonemertean, Prosorhochmus chafarinensis sp. nov., is described from the Chafarinas Islands (western Mediterranean). The species lives in the low eulittoral under the encrusting algaExpand
Petalophthalmus papilloculatus sp. nov. (Crustacea: Mysida: Petalophthalmidae), a new bathyal suprabenthic mysid from the Galicia Bank (NE Atlantic Ocean).
The morphological affinity between the new species of Petalophthalmus and P. armiger supports the hypothesis on a common ancestry and recent divergence between both deep sea mysids. Expand
The first blind Paranthura species (Crustacea, Isopoda, Paranthuridae) from the 'El Cachucho' Marine Protected Area (Le Danois Bank, southern Bay of Biscay)
A new paranthurid isopod, Paranthura santiparrai sp. nov. is described from specimens collected in the 'El Cachucho' Marine Protected Area, southern Bay of Biscay. The new species can beExpand
Suprabenthic assemblages from the Capbreton area (SE Bay of Biscay). Faunal recovery after a canyon turbidity disturbance
Abstract In the Capbreton area, suprabenthic assemblages were sampled with a sledge towed over the bottom, at different sites located within the upper part of a ‘gouf-type’ canyon (8 hauls betweenExpand
Spatial distribution patterns of demersal and epibenthic communities on the Galician continental shelf (NW Spain)
Abstract Spatial distribution patterns of epibenthic communities on the Galician continental shelf were studied using multivariate methods. Data came from 5 surveys carried out in 2002, 2003 andExpand