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Resistance Multiplication in Integrated Circuits by Means of Switching
A state-space analysis is given for RC networks containing an arbitrary number of periodically operated switches. The results are then applied to the design of RC integrated circuits in which large
Analysis and Design of Survivable Networks
The purpose of this paper is to summarize the most significant of these results, to link various models and approaches, and to indicate areas of study in which additional research seems both desirable and feasible.
Topological considerations in the design of the ARPA computer network
The ARPA Network will provide store-and-forward communication paths between a set of computer centers distributed across the continental United States. The message handling tasks at each node in the
Optimal design of centralized computer networks
An algorithm to select globally optimum link capacities for specified tree structures and a heuristic method for finding low cost tree structures is described.
A General Theory of Commutated Networks
A state-space approach is used to derive an exact closed-form solution for the steady-state and transient response of a general commutated network terminated in a multiport. By expanding the
Technical Problems in Nationwide Networking and Interconnection
  • I. Frisch
  • Engineering, Computer Science
    IEEE Trans. Commun.
  • 1975
A range of technical problems is described that must be faced in the implementation of the national and local networks, and some proposed techniques and solutions are evaluated.
Necessary Conditions for the Realizability of n-Port Resistive Networks with more than (n + 1) Nodes
A new set of necessary conditions are presented for an nth-order square symmetric matrix Y with real entries to be the n -port admittance matrix of a network containing positive resistors and (n + 2)
Optimum Routes in Communication Systems with Channel Capacities and Channel Reliabilities
Algorithms are developed for finding routes between a given pair of stations, with maximum capacity and with reliability not less than some prescribed minimum value.