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On the stability of Poiseuille flow of a Bingham fluid
The stability to linearized two-dimensional disturbances of plane Poiseuille flow of a Bingham fluid is considered. Bingham fluids exhibit a yield stress in addition to a plastic viscosity and thisExpand
Yielding to Stress: Recent Developments in Viscoplastic Fluid Mechanics
The archetypal feature of a viscoplastic fluid is its yield stress: If the material is not sufficiently stressed, it behaves like a solid, but once the yield stress is exceeded, the material flowsExpand
On the usage of viscosity regularisation methods for visco-plastic fluid flow computation
Abstract Viscosity regularisation methods are probably the most popular current method for computing visco-plastic fluid flows. They are however generally used in an ad hoc manner. Here we examineExpand
Propagation and stopping of air bubbles in Carbopol solutions
Abstract We present results of an experimental study of the motion of air bubbles rising in a column of Carbopol solution under gravity. In Dubash and Frigaard [N. Dubash, I.A. Frigaard, ConditionsExpand
Mud removal and cement placement during primary cementing of an oil well – Laminar non-Newtonian displacements in an eccentric annular Hele-Shaw cell
A two-dimensional model is derived of the displacement flows that occur during primary cementing of oil and gas wells. The displacement geometry is a long narrow eccentric annulus, between the casingExpand
Settling of an isolated spherical particle in a yield stress shear thinning fluid
We visualize the flow induced by an isolated non-Brownian spherical particle settling in a shear thinning yield stress fluid using particle image velocimetry. With Re<1, we show a breaking of theExpand
Conditions for static bubbles in viscoplastic fluids
We consider the slow motion of a gas bubble in a cylindrical column filled with a viscoplastic fluid, modeled here as a Herschel–Bulkley fluid. Because of the yield stress of the fluid, it isExpand
Creeping flow around particles in a Bingham fluid
Abstract We revisit the variational setting of the creeping flow of Bingham fluid about a particle. We investigate two problems: the resistance and the mobility problem, which arise in the context ofExpand
On the lubrication paradox and the use of regularisation methods for lubrication flows
Abstract In this paper we complete the analysis of the flow of a Bingham fluid along a wavy-walled channel. We confirm numerically the results of [I. Frigaard, D. Ryan, Flow of a visco-plastic fluidExpand
Super-stable parallel flows of multiple visco-plastic fluids
Abstract We consider the stability of a multi-layer plane Poiseuille flow of two Bingham fluids. It is shown that this two-fluid flow is frequently more stable than the equivalent flow of eitherExpand