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The role of adenosine and 2'-deoxyadenosine in mammalian cells.
Biochemical Effects of PP-ribose-P metabolism, S-Adenosylhomocysteine metabolism, Cell toxicity and immunosuppression, and Miscellaneous effects.
Cloning of human adenosine kinase cDNA: sequence similarity to microbial ribokinases and fructokinases.
Adenosine kinase is a structurally distinct mammalian nucleoside kinase that appears to be akin to sugar kinases of microbial origin and set it apart from this family of structurally and functionally related proteins.
Biochemical evidence of dysfunction of brain neurotransmitters in the Lesch-Nyhan syndrome.
The disruption of the balance between the functions of GABA, dopamine, and acetylcholine neurons in the extrapyramidal system probably accounts for some of the symptoms observed in the Lesch-Nyhan syndrome.
Human placental adenosine kinase. Kinetic mechanism and inhibition.
Cyclosporine-induced hyperuricemia and gout.
It is concluded that hyperuricemia is a common complication of cyclosporine therapy and is caused by decreased renal urate clearance, which is the cause of considerable morbidity among renal-transplant recipients who receive cyclospora.
Management of gout.
The objective of treatment is to terminate an acute attack rapidly as well as to prevent future attacks of gout, to lower the serum urate concentration to prevent its accumulation in body tissues, to prevent the formation of uric acid calculi, and to treat disorders accompanying hyperuricemia.
Human phosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthetase. Kinetic mechanism and end product inhibition.
  • I. Fox, W. N. Kelley
  • Biology, Computer Science
    The Journal of biological chemistry
  • 10 April 1972
Abstract Human PP-ribose-P synthetase, partially purified from erythrocytes, was found to have Michaelis constants for ribose-5-P, MgATP, and magnesium of 33 µm, 14 µm, and 0.2 mm, respectively.
Cloning and expression of human deoxycytidine kinase cDNA.
Findings document that this cDNA encodes the T-lymphoblast dCyd kinase responsible for the phosphorylation of dAdo and dGuo as well as dDCyd and arabinofuranosylcytosine.
Purine metabolism during strenuous muscular exercise in man.
Observations suggest that there is an accelerated degradation of purine nucleotides to the beginnings of uric acid in skeletal muscle during vigorous exercise.