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Endovenous laser ablation with and without high ligation compared to high ligation and stripping for treatment of great saphenous varicose veins: Results of a multicentre randomised controlled trial
Objectives High ligation and stripping was compared to endovenous laser ablation for the therapy of great saphenous vein varicosity. Long-term efficacy was assessed in terms of avoidance of inguinalExpand
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Ultrasonographic screening for the detection of abdominal aortic aneurysms.
BACKGROUND The prevalence of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) with a maximal diameter of 3 cm or more is age-dependent; among persons over age 65, it lies between 4% and 8% in men and between 0.5%Expand
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Die LaVaCro-Studie: Langzeitergebnisse der Varizenoperation mit Crossektomie und Stripping der V. saphena magna
Hintergrund: Multizentrische Langzeitstudien mit hohen Fallzahlen nach Crossektomie und Stripping der Vena saphena magna (VSM) liegen nicht vor. Den in mehreren Studien und Registern erhobenen DatenExpand
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[Two-year results of a prospective randomised controlled multicenter trial to compare open operative therapy vs. endoluminal venous laser therapy with and without high ligation for the therapy of
INTRODUCTION Therapeutic options for the treatment of varicosis of the great saphenous vein (gsv) include endoluminal laser therapy, crossectomy/stripping and a combination of both. In this paper weExpand
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Endovenous laser ablation with and without high ligation compared with high ligation and stripping in the treatment of great saphenous varicose veins: initial results of a multicentre randomized
Objectives: To compare reflux recurrences at the saphenofemoral junction after endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) with or without high ligation with high ligation and stripping (HL/ST) of the greatExpand
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Proximal deep venous thrombosis following PTA of the superficial femoral artery--an obligation to disclose a complication that is rarely taken into account.
We report two cases of femoral vein thrombosis after arterial PTA and subsequent pressure stasis. We discuss the legal consequences of these complications for information policies. Because venousExpand
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Lipoprotein apheresis in patients with peripheral artery disease and hyperlipoproteinemia(a).
OBJECTIVE Hyperlipoproteinemia(a) [Lp(a)-HLP] is a major risk factor for severe atherosclerosis. The present investigation sought to assess the effect of lipoprotein apheresis (LA) in patients withExpand
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Screening of COPD patients for abdominal aortic aneurysm
Purpose Screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) in “men aged over 65 years who have ever smoked” is a recommended policy. To reduce the number of screenings, it may be of value to defineExpand
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Endoluminale Lasertherapie vs. Crossektomie/Stripping bei Vena saphena magna-Varicosis
Einleitung: Zur Therapie der Stammvaricosis der Vena saphena magna stehen u.a. die Kombination Crossektomie/ Stripping und die endoluminale Lasertherapie zur Verfugung, jedoch bislang ohneExpand
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