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Climate and the Late Bronze Collapse: New Evidence from the Southern Levant
Abstract A core drilled from the Sea of Galilee was subjected to high resolution pollen analysis for the Bronze and Iron Ages. The detailed pollen diagram (sample/~40 yrs) was used to reconstructExpand
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Subsistence practices in an arid environment: a geoarchaeological investigation in an Iron Age site, the Negev Highlands, Israel
The Negev Highlands (southern Israel) is an arid zone characterized by settlement oscillations. One settlement peak occurred in the early Iron Age IIA (late 10th and early 9th centuries BC). The mostExpand
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The Date of the Settlement of the Philistines in Canaan
Cet article propose un compte-rendu des donnees archeologiques concernant l'habitat philistin des sites de Tell el-Far⊂ah et de Megiddo, puis compare ces donnees aux textes relatifs a l'histoire desExpand
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The Sheshonq I Campaign and the 8th-Century BCE Earthquake-more on the Archaeology and History of the South in the Iron I-IIa
Abstract The article attempts to reconstruct the history of southern Israel (the Beersheba Valley, the Shephelah and the southern Coastal Plain) in the Late Iron I and Iron IIA. It shows thatExpand
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The Archaeology of the United Monarchy: an Alternative View
AbstractThe article deals with the chronology of the early-Iron II strata in Palestine. A careful examination of the archaeological and textual data indicates that there is no safe chronologicalExpand
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Ethnicity and Origin of the Iron I Settlers in the Highlands of Canaan: Can the Real Israel Stand Up?
Who settled in the hundreds of small villages that dotted the hill country of Iron I Canaan? In last December's issue of "BA" devoted to ceramics and ethnicity, William Dever identified theseExpand
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Dead Sea Pollen Record and History of Human Activity in the Judean Highlands (Israel) from the Intermediate Bronze into the Iron Ages (∼2500–500 BCE)
A detailed pollen record for the time interval of ∼2500–500 BCE, which covers the time period of the Intermediate Bronze Age (Early Bronze Age IV) into the Iron Ages in the Levant, is presented. TheExpand
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Hazor and the North in the Iron Age: A Low Chronology Perspective
  • I. Finkelstein
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  • Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental…
  • 1 May 1999
The article deals with the dating of the Iron Age II strata at Hazor and with historical developments on the border between the two most powerful Iron Age II states in the Levant-the northern kingdomExpand
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