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Climate and the Late Bronze Collapse: New Evidence from the Southern Levant
Abstract A core drilled from the Sea of Galilee was subjected to high resolution pollen analysis for the Bronze and Iron Ages. The detailed pollen diagram (sample/~40 yrs) was used to reconstruct
The Archaeology of the United Monarchy: an Alternative View
AbstractThe article deals with the chronology of the early-Iron II strata in Palestine. A careful examination of the archaeological and textual data indicates that there is no safe chronological
The Sheshonq I Campaign and the 8th-Century BCE Earthquake-more on the Archaeology and History of the South in the Iron I-IIa
Abstract The article attempts to reconstruct the history of southern Israel (the Beersheba Valley, the Shephelah and the southern Coastal Plain) in the Late Iron I and Iron IIA. It shows that
The Iron I/IIA Transition in the Levant: A Reply to Mazar and Bronk Ramsey and a New Perspective
Mazar and Bronk Ramsey (2008) recently proposed that the Iron I/IIA transition in the Levant took place during the first half of the 10th century. In the first part of this article, we challenge
Ethnicity and Origin of the Iron I Settlers in the Highlands of Canaan: Can the Real Israel Stand Up?
Who settled in the hundreds of small villages that dotted the hill country of Iron I Canaan? In last December's issue of "BA" devoted to ceramics and ethnicity, William Dever identified these
The Date of the Settlement of the Philistines in Canaan
Cet article propose un compte-rendu des donnees archeologiques concernant l'habitat philistin des sites de Tell el-Far⊂ah et de Megiddo, puis compare ces donnees aux textes relatifs a l'histoire des