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An Approximate Reasoning Model for Medical Diagnosis
Medical diagnosis is a classical example of approximate reasoning, and also one of the earliest applications of expert systems. Expand
ST Algorithm for Medical Diagnostic Reasoning
The authors have previously described an approach for medical diagnostic reasoning based on the ST (Select and Test) model introduced by Ramoni and Stefanelli et al. Expand
A systematic approach to clinical reasoning in psychiatry
Objective: Clinical reasoning in psychiatry may be considered to be more challenging than in other branches of medicine because of its highly subjective nature. The literature on systematicExpand
A Modified Case-Based Reasoning Approach for Triaging Psychiatric Patients Using a Similarity Measure Derived from Orthogonal Vector Projection
A modified case-based reasoning method is introduced aimed to fulfill the need for a triage tool that differentiates likely psychiatric diagnoses and associated risk level. Expand
Pattern-based formulation: a methodology for psychiatric case formulation
Objective: Psychiatric formulation is often considered a challenging task, particularly for trainees and students in psychiatry. The process of arriving at a good psychiatric formulation involvesExpand
A Collaborative and Layered Approach (CLAP) for Medical Expert System Development: A Software Process Model
In this paper the challenges encountered by medical expert system developers are conceptualised into a three-layer model, and strategies devised to overcome the above challenges are arranged into a software process model suitable for expert system development. Expand
An Expert System Model in Psychiatry for Case Formulation and Treatment Decision Support
This paper describes the conceptual model for case formulation and treatment decision support, thus laying down a domain-specific theoretical foundation required for successful implementation of expert systems in psychiatry. Expand
Case formulation and management using pattern-based formulation (PBF) methodology: clinical case 1
Objective: A tool for psychiatric case formulation known as pattern-based formulation (PBF) has been recently introduced. This paper presents an application of this methodology in formulating andExpand
A Domain Specific Expert System Model for Diagnostic Consultation in Psychiatry
We introduce an expert system model specific for psychiatry, in which diagnostic knowledge is described as a hierarchically organized set of entities through which diagnostic inference is made via a bottom-up approach. Expand
Drill-Locate-Drill Algorithm for Diagnostic Reasoning in Psychiatry
This paper introduces a top-down algorithm for diagnosing psychiatric illnesses. Expand