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[Locferon: new eyedrops for treatment eye adenoviral diseases].
Locferon, interferon eyedrops, was used in the treatment of adenovirus diseases of the eyes in 68 patients. The results demonstrated the advantages of locferon over interferon. The drug was highlyExpand
[Development of carnosine eyedrops and assessing their efficacy in corneal diseases].
Carnosine eye drops exerted a good therapeutic effect in corneal erosion, trophic keratitis, postherpetic epitheliopathy, primary and secondary Corneal dystrophy, and bullous keratopathy. Expand
[Imidazoles in the treatment of ocular mycoses].
The clinical trials showed that ketoconazole had pronounced antifungal activity and was rather efficient in treatment of ocular mycoses, and its broad spectrum and low toxicity were recorded. Expand
Trachema treatment in areas of high prevalence.
  • I. F. Maichuk
  • Medicine
  • Revue internationale du trachome. International…
  • 1973
[Ketoconazole in the treatment of ocular mycoses].
Ketoconazole (aronazole manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceutica, Belgium) was used in the therapy of 29 patients with mycoses of the organ of vision and 19 patients were cured, in 5 cases the clinical status improved, in another 5 no effect was achieved. Expand
[Itraconazole in the treatment of ophthalmomycoses].
The clinical trials showed that itraconazole had a sufficiently high antifungal activity in the treatment of the ophthalmomycoses and the drug is low toxic and well tolerated. Expand
[Clinical forms of acanthamoeba keratitis as viewed from the standpoint of biomicroscopy and confocal microscopy].
The authors isolate, within the clinical course of acanthamebic keratitis, 5 stages; they are surface epithelial kerAtitis; surface epithelium punctate ker atitis; stromal ring-shaped keratiti; ulcerous keratopathy; and keratoscleritis. Expand
[Pharmacokinetics and antiviral activity of riodoksol in an ointment and in ophthalmic drug films in ocular herpes].
Appraisal of the therapeutic efficacy of riodoksol regimens devised in experimental surface herpetic keratitis of rabbits has shown an adequacy of a single administration of eye films containing 0.5 mg of the substance and four-fold application of 0.25% ointment. Expand