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500 - Year Anniversary of Discovery. 500 years of mining in Brazil: A brief review
Abstract Upon the arrival of Portuguese settlers to Brazil in 1500, there was an obsession to find precious metals and gems. However, it took almost two centuries to find economic and abundant goldExpand
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Li‐doped nanosized TiO2 powder with enhanced photocalatylic acivity under sunlight irradiation
This work reports on the synthesis of Li-doped TiO2 nanoparticles using the sol–gel process and solid-state sintering, and investigates their potential use as a photocatalyst for degradation underExpand
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The CVRD privatisation a hard victory for the government
Abstract The discussion about the privatisation of the Brazilian mining giant CVRD started in the latest issue of Raw Materials Report. The editors hope to publish new inputs in the future, when theExpand
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Fundo setorial de c&t para recursos minerais
Established by the n.9993, of March 13, 2000, and regulated by the Decree n. 3866, of July 16, 2001, the Mineral Resources Fund – CT-Mineral – aims the funding of scientific research andExpand
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Balanço da oferta e da demanda de cobre no Brasil
Neste estudo e realizada uma analise da conduta do poder publico, do setor privado nacional e do setor externo na solucao dos problemas de mineracao, metalurgia e transformacao do cobre e de seusExpand
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Virgin versus mature reserves: A dilemma for new investment
Abstract During the mining cycle the general rule is to observe declining grades of ores and minerals being exploited along the life of most mines. This is more evident for metal mines than forExpand
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Caracterização da oferta e demanda de agregados minerais em Campinas
Algumas das maiores cidades brasileiras enfrentam dificuldades com relacao ao abastecimento de areia e brita, os principais agregados maneirais utilizados na construcao civil, mais consumidos noExpand
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