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Predictors of increased PaCO2 during immersed prone exercise at 4.7 ATA.
During diving, arterial Pco(2) (Pa(CO(2))) levels can increase and contribute to psychomotor impairment and unconsciousness. This study was designed to investigate the effects of the hypercapnicExpand
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Hyperoxia-induced Tissue Hypoxia: A Danger?
Hyperoxia can induce bradycardia and reduce cardiac output, which counteracts the beneficial effects of increased O2 delivery. Experimental results have indicated that high concentrations of O2 canExpand
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Development of a filter assay for measuring homogalacturonan: alpha-(1,4)-Galacturonosyltransferase activity.
Alpha-(1,4)-galacturonosyltransferases (GalATs) catalyze the addition of (1,4)-linked alpha-D-galacturonosyl residues onto the nonreducing end of homogalacturonan chains. The nucleotide-sugar donorExpand
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